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Private Prayer Is Not Enough

The Gospel Coalition

Published on 11/13/2020

John Onwuchekwa delivered a message in a breakout session at TGC’s 2019 National Conference titled “How Praying Together Shapes the Church.” Prayer both teaches and displays dependance on God in the most practical manner possible in the life of a believer. Utilizing the story of Christ’s interaction with his disciples and with the Father through prayer in Gethsemane, Onwuchekwa delineated Jesus’s prayerfulness as a regular practice and his desire to invite the disciples into his weakness—his full dependance on God. Facing the greatest adversity he would ever encounter, Jesus showed his followers the necessary way of preparation. Onwuchekwa encouraged the church to prioritize the practice of prayer so that we might also be strengthened for the adversity ahead.This episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast is sponsored by The Good Book Company, publisher of The Christmas We Didn't Expect by David Mathis. 25 daily reflections for Advent will help you to adore Jesus—the one who came to save us and make our futures certain. Learn more at

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