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Listen to teaching from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado with lead pastor Josh Lindstrom and other teachers. We seek to Love Well • Change Lives • Through Christ. This simple statement reminds us of why we exist. It tells us how to live and what we are striving for.
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Pursue Permanence, 1 Corinthians 7:10-16

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 11/15/2020

For the followers of Jesus, marriage is a relationship like no other as it points to Christ’s relationship with his church (Ephesians 5:32). Therefore, Christians who are married should do all they can to remain married to their spouse. Unfortunately, there are times when an unbelieving spouse may choose to end a marriage, and in those cases, the believing spouse is called to a peaceful separation.Never LostCCLI #7134788 | Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, and Tiffany Hammer© 2019Worthy Of Your NameCCLI #7052927 | Brett Younker and Sean Curran© ©Way MakerCCLI #7115744 | Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu© 2016

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