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Sometimes it takes an outsider with nothing to lose or gain to say what needs to be said. With a focuses on cultural commentary and sound teaching, the program is designed to handle the tough topics. Everything message and issue is grounded in Scripture and solid research. Sometimes challenging, occasionally humorous, always centered in Jesus.

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Realities of Abortion

Abortion is a huge issue for our culture and recent developments in politics have made the lines clearer than they have been in decades. However, the reality of abortion is more than just a political talking point or part of a candidate's platform. There's a very real personal side of it. In studio is a special guest, My Lovely Bride and Pastoral Care Director for Jesus' Outsider Ministries Kimberly Kerby, sharing her experience with abortion and talking about how we can handle women who have had or are considering one. ©2019 Mike Kerby & Jesus' Outsider Ministries