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Rebuilding Blocks: Brokenness

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 09/04/2011

The book of Nehemiah comes a little while after the nation of Judah had returned from exile. After about 100 years, they finally got to go back home to Jerusalem. It had been a long time, but it was still home. Theyd heard stories passed down from parents and grandparents of the glory years, but when they returned to Jerusalem, it had been leveled.And that's when we find Nehemiah. When he hears about the state of Jerusalem, he weeps. After four months of prayer he senses that God wants him to do something about Jerusalem. But before Nehemiah undertakes the project of rebuilding the city, he understands that Israel has forsaken God. Nehemiahs brokenness before God sets the stage for the rebuilding of the people of Israel because Nehemiah admits that they are, in fact, guilty. Nehemiah teaches us that until there is brokenness for the condition of the walls in our own lives, our rebuilding efforts will fail.

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