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The Kingdom Roots Podcast with Scot McKnight is a conversation about how the Kingdom took root then and how it takes root now. Kingdom Root conversations with Scot McKnight will give clarity to the context of the New Testament and how that context informs the Church today. Dr. Scot McKnight is the Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament at Northern Seminary. Learn more about Northern Seminary’s Master’s of Arts in New Testament at
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Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Conversation with Aimee Byrd) - KR 156

Kingdom Roots with Scot McKnight

Published on 07/16/2020

Join us for the Urban Leadership Symposium on Aug. 12, 2020. Register here >> Do men and women benefit equally from God's word? Are they equally responsible in sharpening one another in the faith and passing it down to the next generation? While radical feminists claim that the Bible is a hopelessly patriarchal construction by powerful men that oppresses women, evangelical churches simply reinforce this teaching when we constantly separate men and women, customizing women's resources and studies according to a culturally based understanding of roles. Do we need men's Bibles and women's Bibles, or can the one, holy Bible guide us all? Is the Bible, God's word, so male-centered and authored that women need to create their own resources to relate to it? No! And in it, we also learn from women. Women play an active role as witnesses to the faith, passing it on to the new generations.Suggested Resources: Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Aimee’s Blog: Aimee on Twitter: Introduction to Religious Language: Exploring Theolinguistics in Contemporary Contexts by Valerie Hobbs

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