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A "20th-century prophet" many called him during his lifetime. For 31 years A.W.Tozer was pastor of Southside Alliance Church in Chicago. He was involved in the missionary alliance movement for most of his pulpit life. A.W. Tozer lived in the presence of God he saw clearly and he spoke as a prophet to the church. He sought for God's honor with the zeal of Elijah and mourned with Jeremiah at the apostasy of God's people.
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(Revelation - Part 13): When the Seven Trumpets Sound by A.W. Tozer

A.W. Tozer

Published on 03/23/2017

Scripture(s): Revelation 7:9-17 The outcome of all things will be determined by the prayers of the saints; God speaks in many ways but sinning men are not listening; Too much vain preaching causes truth to be treated callously; Will we hear the trumpet if we cannot hear the still small voice? You've heard so much and done so little.

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