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Revelation Part Two: When The Church Comes to Jesus: Seeing Clearly

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 10/27/2013

Revelation 12-18 tells the story of Gods victory over Satan, over deceptive earthly gods, and over every person and institution that tries to steal worship from Him. These enemies of Christ try to destroy the Church through persecution, to deceive the Church through earthly power, and distract the Church with wealth and self-sufficiency. It often seems harmless, but when we pull back the veil to see the spiritual truth behind the physical reality, we find that it is anything but harmless. The destruction, deception, and distraction is all staged by a gruesome dragon who is doing anything and everything in his power to ruin the reign of God. In the middle of a world full of the enemies of Christ, the church comes to Jesus for protection from destruction, truth to overcome deception, and worship to eliminate distraction. When the Church comes to Jesus, we see evil for what it is, and we find strength to flee.

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