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Revelation Part Two: When The Church Comes to Jesus: Suffering Faithfully

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 10/13/2013

The painful cry of martyred saints in Revelation 6:10 is, How long, Sovereign Lord? The people of God at the time of Revelationand for the two millennia sincehave been suffering injustice, violence, and manipulation at the hands of the world. The promise of God to His Church is that the suffering wont last forever. The Church needs to be reminded that as Gods people, we are the Body of Christ--and the physical body of Christ suffered death on the cross. But three days after the physical body of Christ suffered to the point of no return, the Resurrection changed history. Gods promise for the Body of Christ now is the same--endure, hold on, it wont last forever. Revelation 7:17 says, God will wipe every tear from their eyes. When the Church comes to Jesus, it finds hope for a future that allows us to suffer patiently--knowing that it wont last forever.

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