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Revelation Part Two: When The Church Comes to Jesus: Waiting Patiently

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 11/03/2013

Gods people have suffered for His name, been His witnesses, and survived His enemies in this world. And in Revelation 19, all of the spiritual forces of evil gather together to fight one final battle against God and His Church, but an amazing thing happens: there is no battle. Its over before it even starts! In a way, this scene conveys the whole truth of Revelation: It seems like Satan is winning the war, but in reality, there is no contest. The spiritual truth behind the physical reality is that God has won, God is winning, and God will win. Revelation 19 describes a wedding feast that God is preparing for His Church--His Bride. God wants so desperately to be with us, to save us, to rescue us, and He is preparing a wedding feast that will double as a victory feast. When the Church comes to Jesus, we are on the winning side, and thats worth waiting for.

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