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Revelation Part Two: When The Church Comes to Jesus: Witnessing Boldly

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 10/20/2013

Revelation 10 sets an amazing scene where a powerful angel gives a scroll to John and commands him to eat it. The scroll (cf. Revelation 5:1ff) is the will, plan, and purposes of God for the world throughout all of history. John is told to take in Gods plan and finds that it tastes sweet like honey. For Gods people, there is nothing sweeter than the Words of God. But the Word of God does not digest as smoothly as it is swallowed, for with the Word of God comes a mission for His people. And good news for Gods people is bad news for Gods enemies. John knows that once he feasts on the Word and work of God, he becomes a witness on Gods behalf. John is told in Revelation 10:11 that he must share what he has eaten. When the Church comes to Jesus, it leaves on a mission to proclaim Jesus boldly.

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