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Reverse the Curse: Dust to Dust

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 03/29/2020

Genesis tells us that God fashioned us from the dust of the world, and it was only until He breathed His breath of life into us that we became a living being. God’s words and actions have always moved in the trajectory of life. So when sin was introduced into the world, death was invited into the story. The implications of death surround us daily- from hospitals, to headstones, to highway memorials, we are surrounded by the curse of sin. Yet Jesus came to show us a life free from the sting of death. He showed us how to live by the power of the Spirit rather than by the pain of the flesh. Although death still has a foothold in this world, reversing the curse of death begins by using the shortness of this life to leave a legacy that lasts beyond this life. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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