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Reverse the Curse: Thorns and Thistles

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 03/22/2020

Genesis tells us that God created us for a purposeful, and powerful work. A work of cultivating fruit and creating life everywhere we go in a way that glorified God. In Genesis 3:17-18, God explains that the result of embracing death over life directly affects the work we do in this world. The curse brought both individual and universal implications to the way we define “work.” Sin brought exhaustion to our daily labor where there should have been enjoyment. The thorns and thistles of this world cut away at our purpose and attempt to choke out the fruit of this world. But when Jesus entered the world He shifted careers into callings, inviting fisherman to become fishers of men. He taught us how to allow the cuts of thorns to strengthen our longing for home and to steady our hands for God’s engagement in the world through us. Reversing the curse in our work begins by embracing a God who repurposes thorns and thistles and turns our mundane work into meaningful ministry. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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