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S07: Episode 3 - Emotional and Spiritual Health #LevelUpYourLeadership

Today's episode deals with the integration and intersection of our psychological and spiritual health. Jo and Stephanie talk about the need to process the things that may be getting in the way of healthy mindfulness and share their own personal experiences in this important conversation. Ted Talk EMOTIONAL FIRST AID SPECIAL RESOURCE: get the Level Up Guide offered at the 2019 Global Leadership Summit. Just text the words Level Up to 345-345. Connect with Lead Stories and Jo and Steph: Twitter: @LeadStoriesVox Instagram: @LeadStoriesPodcast Facebook: LeadStoriesPodcast Connect with Jo at www.josaxton.com @josaxton Connect with Steph at www.pastorsteph.com @pastorsteph Subscribe on iTunes to have the podcast automatically download to your device every week or listen at www.leadstoriespodcast.com www.leadstoriesmedia.com Don’t forget to check out Lead Stories Community at www.leadstoriesmedia.com/community Lead Stories resources at: www.leadstoriesmedia.com/resources