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S08 - Episode 10 - How To Build Courage

Courage is one of the most fundamental traits a leader needs to live life fully, step into purpose and mission and embrace one's identity. Listen today as Steph and Jo continue the conversation with "How to Build Courage." Recorded a few weeks ago, this episode has become a timely message for today. Connect with Lead Stories and Jo and Steph: Twitter: @LeadStoriesVox Instagram: @LeadStoriesPodcast Facebook: LeadStoriesPodcast Connect with Jo at www.josaxton.com @josaxton Connect with Steph at www.pastorsteph.com @pastorsteph Subscribe on iTunes to have the podcast automatically download to your device every week or listen at www.leadstoriespodcast.com For other resources and podcasts head to: www.leadstoriesmedia.com Don’t forget to check out Lead Stories Community at www.leadstoriesmedia.com/community