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I’m a pastor at Door of Hope church in Portland, an adjunct professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Western Seminary, and a creative writer for The Bible Project. I’ve been utterly fascinated with Jesus and his Jewish heritage ever since I became a Christian at 20 years old through an urban outreach ministry to skateboarders in Portland, called Skate Church. I discovered the wonderful world of biblical studies and languages at Multnomah University and Western Seminary and had the privilege of doing a PhD in Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My greatest passion and privilege is to help people grasp the beautiful and compelling story of the ancient Scriptures and how they lead us to Jesus of Nazareth. I’m married to Jessica (total rock-star), and together we’re raising two little boys, Roman and August, in the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon.
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Science and Faith

Tim Mackie Sermons

Published on 12/05/2015

Interpreting the Bible’s Creation Narratives. This a talk I gave in 2012 at a conference on Science and Religion hosted by Blackhawk Church and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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