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Seeing God: In My Universe - He is in Control

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 04/19/2020

Is God really with us, or is that just something we tell ourselves to feel better when our world seems out of control? In the first chapter of Job, God blesses everything that Job does, then, all of the sudden, the enemy drops the bottom out from under Job’s life. Messengers come in, one after another, and say, “Job, it’s all gone. Everything…Your livelihood, your family, everything.” And one thing after another hits Job, and his life feels like it is spiraling out of control. For a while, Job tells himself again and again, “God is with me,” “God is with me,” “God is with me.” But there comes this place toward the end of the book where he starts to wonder if God really is with him. The voices of those around him questioning God’s work in his life grow louder, and Job’s uncertainty grows with it. As Job pours out questions to God, God waits and listens, and, then, rather than giving Job the answers he wants, God gives Job the answer needs—a reminder of who God really is. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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