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Seeing God: In My World - He Cares

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 04/26/2020

If God is in control, then why so much hurt? Why so much suffering? Why so much pain? There are plenty of religions that just try to explain these questions away, basically saying that God is powerful, He is in control, but He doesn’t really care. This is Job’s tension. Because either God has the power to help but doesn’t care enough to do so, or He cares but lacks the power to do anything about it. Job wants to believe that God is in control, he wants to believe that God cares, but as he looks at everything that has happened to him, it just doesn’t make sense. Yet, there’s something within Job, as there is within us, that wants to believe that God is both in control AND that He cares. And in Job 39-41, God is addressing this tension for Job. In these chapters, God begins to share with Job the intricate details of this vast world. Chapter after chapter, God explains in detail the mediocre to the magnificence of it, and as God explains, it becomes clear to Job God’s knowledge and care for everything that lives and moves and has its being. Speaker: Kyle Idleman

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