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Sexuality in Our Culture: An Open Door for the Gospel

David Platt - Radical

Published on 11/04/2019

Our culture insists that true freedom is found when we get to express ourselves and follow our own desires. Scripture’s teaching on sex is seen as restrictive and outdated, and many people are even wanting to determine their own gender. In this message from Colossians 4:2–6 and other selected passages, David Platt points us to Scripture so that we can understand God’s good design for sexuality and gender. The One who created us not only has the authority to set the parameters for us, but also He has the wisdom to know what is best for us. As Christians, this is increasingly becoming a costly conviction. Nevertheless, we must believe and proclaim the truth––that true and lasting satisfaction can only be found in Jesus Christ.// Watch the full sermon, download the free discussion questions, and more by clicking here.// Learn more about the Something Needs to Change here.

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