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Published on 02/21/2014

This week we visit America’s top hat (we kid, we kid) and talk to one of our favorite rappers, Shad. Shad has been featured in our magazine, on RTV and on a couple of our subscriber albums, and this week he joins the podcast to talk about his fantastic new album, “Flying Colours.” We also bring you an excerpt from the second episode of our new video podcast, “The RELEVANT Q&A” with Donald Miller. Don’s been causing some controversy with his recent blog post about not going to church anymore, so he spends some time unpacking his thoughts on the show. Plus, the Bible and Hollywood, jobs that attract psychopaths and a Bigfoot sighting in Detroit… EPISODE SPONSOR A big thanks to our sponsor, Squarespace, the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create a professional website. For a free trial, click the logo and get 10% off your first purchase on new accounts when you use offer code “RELEVANT.” EPISODE MUSIC Mike Mains & The Branches, “Noises” Quiet Science, “Splendour” NEEDTOBREATHE, “State I’m In” Bear Hands, “Giants” Erin Gauvin, “Famine” Mr. Little Jeans, “Good Mistake” FEATURED VIDEOS Shad – Remember to Remember (ft. Lights) The RELEVANT Q&A: Donald Miller QUESTION OF THE WEEK What is the oddest job you’ve ever held? This week we uncovered a very interesting piece of Jon Acuff’s past, and it got us thinking about jobs. So this week we want to know, what is the oddest job you’ve ever held, and what stories go along with said job?

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