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Connecting people to Jesus and one another. The weekly audio podcast of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky. Featuring Senior Minister Dave Stone and Teaching Minister Kyle Idleman.
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Stopping for Directions: Build Spiritually Healthy Homes

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 01/23/2011

Last fall we laid out our Mission/Vision/Strategies. Our Mission is: Connecting people to Jesus and one another. Our Vision is: To be a praying church who reaches out and challenges everyone to follow Jesus completely. We are focusing upon each of the six strategies, which give us the formula for how we are going to accomplish our Mission and Vision. Last week Kyle preached on Strategy #1: Impacting the region by gathering together for Biblical preaching, authentic worship and faithful prayer. This week the two of us are going to unpack Strategy #2: Building spiritually healthy homes by equipping Godly men to lead and pray for their family.

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