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Listen to teaching from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado with lead pastor Josh Lindstrom and other teachers. We seek to Love Well • Change Lives • Through Christ. This simple statement reminds us of why we exist. It tells us how to live and what we are striving for.
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The Battle for Preeminence, Colossians 2:1-23

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 07/15/2018

First Things First: Making Christ #1 Part 2 In Chapter 2, Paul now moves to identify four basic philosophies of the world that work against the believer’s goal and attempts to make Christ first in life. They are:1. Rationalism (chapter 2:4) – out talk God2. Humanism (2:8) – out think God3. Legalism (2:13-17) – add to God4. Mysticism (2:18-19) – out do GodSONGSOvercome #7067561 by C Brown, M Brock, and S Furtick© Music by Elevation Worship Publishing Who You Say I Am #7102401 by B Fielding and R Morgan2017 Hillsong Music Publishing I Will Exalt #5861765 by A Falk 2010 Bethel Music10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) #6016351 by J Myrin and M Redman2011 Thankyou MusicCornerstone #6158927 by W Batchelder Bradbury, E Liljero, R Morgan, E Mote, and J Myrin 2011 Hillsong Music Publishing

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