About Willow Creek Community Church

Willow Creek Community Church holds to a core belief that people matter to God. They matter to us, too. With an understanding that Jesus Christ came to earth to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10), But Jesus went beyond a mere rescue mission; he transformed lives. Jesus came to redeem this broken world, and it is on this core belief that Willow has built its mission statement: to turn irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Christ. Willow is committed to carrying on Christ's mission by reaching out to those who are far from God, coaching those who follow Christ by equipping them for their spiritual journey, and unleashing unprecedented levels of compassion and justice into our broken world. Weekend messages are a key component in reach out to others and encouraging and inspiring them along their spiritual journey.

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Willow Creek Community Church

The Crux of Community

We are a body of many parts, but diversity alone does not guarantee that all those parts will work together. True community requires diversity, humility, empathy, and... most of all... love. Love is the rebar in the concrete of community, the undergirding for all of it. And without love, well, we’re nothing but clanging and chaos. Will we let love come alive among us?