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The Great Commission & the Great Commandment

Dr. Michael Horton - White Horse Inn

Published on 10/07/2020

Sometimes we confuse the Great Commission (making disciples through the gospel) with the Great Commandment (serving our neighbors through loving works) as if the official mission of the church is the same as the individual Christian’s many obligations in the world. If Christians are called to citizenship, social justice, and good works in the world, does this mean that the calling of the church as an institution is to transform the kingdoms of this age? This special edition of the White Horse Inn was recorded live at the Gospel Coalition in Chicago; and features special guest Julius Kim, associate professor of practical theology at Westminster Seminary California (originally aired 07-10-11). Support the classics and for a donation of any amount receive a link to download our classic series "The American Religion” - Sign up now to join Shane Rosenthal and Michael Horton and others for one of our two-day Modern Reformation Weekend Conferences. You will receive Michael Horton’s two-volume set on Justification as well as other supplemental material to help prepare you for deep conversations and fellowship over good food and drink. To sign up, head over to

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