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A weekly podcast for moms. A space to remember we are not alone in our experiences, be challenged to have joy among the chaos, remember grace covers guilt, and seek the truth of the gospel above all else. This is a podcast for the imperfect mother, still learning, still growing and still fully recognizing she doesn’t have it all together - but comes everyday, to the base of the cross, to seek the one who does.

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The Husbands Weigh In: How Does the Gospel Shape Marriage in the Little Years? | Ep. 135

Why does marriage feel so hard in the little years? After pouring your energy and brain power out for your kiddos, it’s easy to offer your spouse the leftovers. In this episode, Emily and Laura invite some very special guests on the show to talk about marriage with little ones: their husbands, Brad Jensen and Mike Wifler! Dates may look different, conversations may constantly be interrupted, and serving one another may look mundane, but the gospel can breathe new life into marriage. The gospel story reminds us of God’s faithfulness as he works in our hearts—and the joy of partnering with others in the process. We’re grateful to Crossway for making this week’s show possible. Consider grabbing a copy of Jen Wilkin’s Women of the Word to learn how to study God’s word with your heart and mind. View Transcript Order the Risen Motherhood Book Risen Motherhood on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter Find all of the links & related resources from the show HERE