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The Impact of the Sixties Counterculture

Dr. Michael Horton - White Horse Inn

Published on 11/01/2020

“No one can understand the present crisis in the United States and the West without understanding the sixties.” So writes Os Guinness in the preface to a new edition of The Dust of Death, which he first wrote almost 50 years ago. On this program, Shane Rosenthal talks with Os about many of the themes he addressed in that book, and how this important cultural shift has affected both American culture, and American religion, down to the present day. November of 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the White Horse Inn! To celebrate, we are offering a special collection that includes 30 of our best episodes as well as select articles from ModernReformation magazine. For a donation of $100 or more, you can receive our 30th anniversary collection by heading over to Sign up now to join Shane Rosenthal and Michael Horton and others for one of our two-day Modern Reformation Weekend Conferences. You will receive Michael Horton’s two-volume set on Justification as well as other supplemental material to help prepare you for deep conversations and fellowship over good food and drink. To sign up, head over to

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