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The Lord’s Supper: Celebration of the New Covenant

David Platt - Radical

Published on 09/03/2019

God has given His people a continual reminder of their identification with Christ and with His church, and this reminder has come in the form of a meal––the Lord’s Supper. In this message from 1 Corinthians 11:23–32, David Platt answers some important questions about the Lord’s Supper: Who should participate? Where should we have this meal? When should we have it? How should we understand it? And, at the most foundational level, why should we celebrate the Lord’s Supper? As we’ll see, this meal is an essential component of new covenant worship and a celebratory expression of new covenant community.// Watch the full sermon, download the free discussion questions, and more by clicking here.// Sign up to stream the Something Needs to Change Simulcast by clicking here.// Sign up to attend the Something Needs to Change Simulcast live at McLean Bible Church by clicking here.

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