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The Story Act 3: From Shepherd to King

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 05/06/2012

What is your concept of God? I ask because your concept of God determines everything. What many of us do is put together a box for God, maybe without even realizing it. Weve created a box that is manageable, a box that isn't too big for us to get our arms around, and that's where weve put God. We want a box that we can carry comfortably, a box that fits where we need it to fit. And we've said, God, here's the space we've made for You, so youre going to need to fit in here. But if your God fits in a box, then your God is too small. This week we are in chapter 11 of The Story, "From Shepherd to King", and we read about the life of David before he becomes King David. As we study this together I want you to see some things that I hope will blow up your box.

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