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The Story Act 3: The Faith of a Foreign Woman

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 04/22/2012

This week we are in chapter 9 of The Story. If a video camera was rolling through this chapter you would find many different expressions: anticipation and joy, disillusionment and disappointment, anger and bitterness. The story takes places during the period of the Judges, but its not about a judge and really doesnt appear to be about the nation of Israel. On the surface it doesnt seem to make much sense as a book in the Bibleit appears to be a story of a random familya husband named Elimelech and his wife named Naomi. Its not long before a couple of sons are born, and the story seems to be going as planned. But then a famine strikes, and this family is forced to move to the land of Moab. Once they arrive, the two sons marry two Moabite womenRuth and Orpah. But its not long before Elimelech and his two sons die, leaving three widows.

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