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The Story of Us: Ending: Happily Ever After

Southeast Christian Church

Published on 07/11/2010

We love romantic stories. As children many of us grew up seeing marriage cast in Disney movies with a fairy-tail ending. The princess and the prince finally are able to express their love in marriage at the end of the movie. As the movie ends and the picture fades we see them departing to live happily ever after. I wonder what we would see in a sequel to these marriages titled, "6 Months Later." The princess aggravated by constantly picking up after her husband who she has discovered is a total slob and wonders how she could have married such a man. When she confronts him with frustration and anger in her voice he also wonders what happened to the princess he thought he married. She does not always look as beautiful as they did when they first married and her lack of education is beginning to get old. Which leads to the question: "Is it possible to live happily ever after?"

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