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John Mark Comer and others from Bridgetown Church. In Portland as it is in Heaven. All teachings are available to stream and download at bridgetown.church.

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The Three Ways

Part 1 from the series, "Naming Your Stage of Apprenticeship", as part of Practicing the Way. If apprenticeship to Jesus is a journey, is there a map? Or at least some landmarks to navigate by? Have any older, wiser followers of Jesus left behind insights on how to stay on the path? Avoid detours and pitfalls? Continue to progress, and not plateau, or worse, regress? It turns out, the answer is a resounding yes. Since the very beginning of the church, teachers of the way of Jesus have made an attempt to map the spiritual journey. And while all journeys are different, it turns out, all journeys are similar too. In the first teaching in our series, we explore an ancient paradigm called “The Three Ways,” which charts a course from purgation through illumination to union.