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Listen to teaching from Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado with lead pastor Josh Lindstrom and other teachers. We seek to Love Well • Change Lives • Through Christ. This simple statement reminds us of why we exist. It tells us how to live and what we are striving for.
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The Valley After Victory, 1 Kings 19:1–8

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 10/06/2019

Physically and emotionally exhausted after his tremendous victory, Elijah’s faith weakens and he becomes afraid when threatened by Queen Jezebel and runs away. Rather than chastise him, God sends an angel to provide for Elijah’s physical needs and restores his strength. We too can often find our faith weak after victory and must remember that we are created beings who live in dependency upon God’s strength and not our own.1. The unexpected turn (vs. 1-2)2. The valley after victory (vs. 3-5a)3. The sustaining grace of God (vs. 5b-8)Good Grace#7122177 by J Houston2018 Hillsong Music PublishingYes I Will#7105442 by E Hoagland, J Smith & M FieldesAll Essential Music, HBC Worship Music, Hickory Bill Doc, Jingram Music Publishing, So Essential Tunes, and Upside Down Under Hallelujah For The Cross#7107551 by B Glover, C McClarney & J Pardo9t One Songs, Ariose Music, Capitol CMG Genesis, Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears, Jesus Culture Music, and Meaux Jeaux Music In Christ Alone#3350395 by K Getty & S Townend2001 Thankyou MusicBe Strong#7123474 by J Egan & C McClarneyCapitol CMG Genesis, Tiny Hits, Integrity Worship Music

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