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Tim Siedell (@badbanana)

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Published on 07/19/2013

This week we talk to writer Tim Siedell – better known on Twitter as @badbanana. Tim is one of the funniest people on Twitter, having been put on the “must follow” list by the likes of Paste and MSNBC. We also spotlight up and coming Pop/R&B band, Haim, find out why Cameron had to take a court-ordered motorcycle class and discuss how Sharknado is bringing our country together. A big thanks to the sponsor of this week’s show, Warby Parker. Warby offers an easy way to buy fashion-forward prescription glasses and sunglasses online for only $95—and as part of our partnership, they’re giving all RELEVANT Podcast listeners free expedited 2-day shipping on your purchase! To get your free home try-on and the shipping discount, visit and enter the promo code “RELEVANT” during your final check-out. Listen for more info on the show. We love Warby. Subscribe to the RELEVANT Podcast via iTunes, download the episode MP3 here, or add our RSS feed to any other podcast aggregator. EPISODE MUSIC Parade of Lights, “We’re the Kids” Beck, “I Won’t Be Long” I Break Horses, “Denial” Bell X1, “Careful What You Wish For” Eshon Burgundy, “Tell You Why (feat. Je’Kob)” BT, “Surrounded (feat. Aqualung)” FEATURED VIDEOS HAIM – Falling – Exclusive and live at Maida Vale QUESTION OF THE WEEK What’s the funniest tweet you’ve ever read or written? In honor of this week’s podcast guest, we wanted to ask a Twitter-related question. So tell us, what is the funniest tweet you’ve ever read, or what is the tweet you’ve written that you’re most proud of?

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