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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. - The Briefing

Published on 06/16/2020

DOCUMENTATION AND ADDITIONAL READING PART 1 (0:0 - 11:39): ────────────────── The Flawed Legal Logic in Yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision on LGBTQ and Discrimination SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia PART 2 (11:40 - 20:59): ────────────────── What Is the Proper Role of the Supreme Court? Hint: It’s Not What It Did Yesterday — Legislate CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW (JUSTICE NEIL M. GORSUCH) Of Lions and Bears, Judges and Legislators, and the Legacy of Justice Scalia PART 3 (20:60 - 25:58): ────────────────── Textualism? Originalism? Strict Constructionism? The Differences in the Terms Really Matter WALL STREET JOURNAL (THE EDITORIAL BOARD) The Supreme Court’s Textualism Test

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