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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. - The Briefing

Published on 06/23/2020

DOCUMENTATION AND ADDITIONAL READING PART 1 (0:0 - 5:52): ────────────────── A Deadly Border Conflict Between Two Nuclear-Armed Nations NEW YORK TIMES (JEFFREY GETTLEMAN, HARI KUMAR, AND SAMEER YASIR) Worst Clash in Decades on Disputed India-China Border Kills 20 Indian Troops PART 2 (5:53 - 12:12): ────────────────── Rising Tensions on the Korean Peninsula: One Source of Conflict? Balloons NEW YORK TIMES (CHOE SANG-HUN) North Korea’s Wrecking of Liaison Office a ‘Death Knell’ for Ties With the South NEW YORK TIMES (CHOE SANG-HUN) As Kim Jong-un Turns Hostile to South Korea, His Sister Does the Talking NEW YORK TIMES (CHOE SANG-HUN) As Floating Propaganda Irks North Korea, the South Isn’t Happy Either PART 3 (12:13 - 17:36): ────────────────── The Uncertainty of Science in a COVID-19 World: When “Science” and “Expert” Don’t Carry the Authority You Might Think WALL STREET JOURNAL (TODD MYERS) When Covid ‘Science’ Is a Smokescreen PART 4 (17:37 - 20:53): ────────────────── A Breakdown in Peer Review: Major Studies on COVID-19 Retracted from Prestigious Medical Journals NEW YORK TIMES (RONI CARYN RABIN) The Pandemic Claims New Victims: Prestigious Medical Journals NEW YORK TIMES (APOORVA MANDAVILLI) Scientists Take Aim at Another Coronavirus Study in a Major Journal PART 5 (20:54 - 23:38): ────────────────── Broken Branches, Broken Lives: Common Grace Shows Up in China CAIXING GLOBAL (YILIN CHEN) Trending in China: Professor Proposes Women be Allowed ‘Two Husbands’ to Solve Problems Caused by One-Child Policy

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