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Why is Christianity True?

Dr. Michael Horton - White Horse Inn

Published on 08/23/2020

Why do you believe Christianity is true? Shane Rosenthal put this question to attendees at the National Religious Broadcasters convention, and you’ll probably be surprised by the answers he received. During the first half of the program, Michael Horton discusses the responses to this poll with Doug Powell, author of The Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics. Then, for the remainder of the program, Mike discusses these issues further with the rest of the panel (originally aired 06-07-09). If you would like to help support the work at White Horse Inn at no added cost to yourself, just link your Amazon account to and enter White Horse Inc. Thank you for your support! Sign up for our newsletter and receive our free digital download collection on Justification - To get access to all of the White Horse Inn extended episodes become a member. Head over to

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