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Winning the Secret Battle of Ideas

Josh Lindstrom - Woodmen Valley Chapel

Published on 07/02/2017

In the Apostle Paul’s Acts 17 sermon at Mars Hill in Athens, he reaches the hearts and minds of his audience by using the non-Christian worldviews of the day as a platform from which to communicate the gospel. Today we find ourselves in a secret battle of ideas in which bad ideas penetrate our hearts and minds like viruses and give us unfulfilling answers in our search for love, healing, purpose, peace, and hope. Like Paul, we can learn to spot the fake worldviews of our day and reignite our passion to know and share the power of Jesus to meet our culture’s deepest needs.1. A battle rages for our hearts and minds2. It's a battle of ideas3. Jesus WinsMore info at summitministries.orgBook chapters at For You #5925649 by M Maher, M Redman, J Reeves, and T Wanstall2011 songsGod With Us (Torwalt) #7054539 by B Torwalt and K Torwalt2015 © Capitol CMG Genesis Lord I Need You #5925687 by D Carson, M Maher, C Nockels, J Reeves, and K Stanfill2011 songsBe Thou My Vision #30639 by Hull, E H Hull |, M E ByrnePublic DomainO Praise The Name (Anástasis) #7037787 by B Hastings, D Ussher, and M Sampson2015 © Hillsong Music Publishing

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