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XLIV. Roma Downey - Leadership - "Touched by an Angel"


Published on 12/09/2018

Roma Downey is a producer, author, and actress known for her starring role in the television show “Touched by an Angel” and for developing The Bible television series on the History channel. Along with producing The Bible, she played Mary, mother of Jesus, on the series. Then Roma and her husband Mark Burnett started a production company called Light Workers to create engaging, uplifting, and inspirational content. “For the most part I have felt the call in my life to tell stories that inspire or that encourage people. Some of the shows that I’ve been directly involved with have also told the story of God’s love. And I have felt God’s love works so actively in my life that I really felt the call to tell that to the world through story.”For more Life, Leadership, and Legacy episodes visit

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