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XLVI. Billy Heather - "What God Saved Me For"


Published on 12/11/2018

Billy Heather is the young adult pastor at Destiny Church in Indio, California. He is a son, husband, brother, and friend. At the age of 21 he was diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer and was told he had a limited amount of time on this earth. After developing a passion for Jesus and a love for people he encountered the truth and simplicity of the gospel. Today he’s an author and cancer survivor who lives with his wife Randie in Palm Springs, California. “Just to see those moments develop in your life there is nothing truly like it. I look back today and I just think man like this is the story that reinvigorates my life. When I go through seasons of ups and downs and leadership when things start to get mundane or I start to feel bored with my routine… I have to remember what God saved me for.” For more Life, Leadership, and Legacy episodes visit

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