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XXVIII. Eric Bigger - Life - "I was a Man before I was a Boy"


Published on 11/03/2018

Eric Bigger, from Season 13 of the Bachelorette, gives us his life story growing up in Baltimore. Eric Bigger made a successful career out of the Bachelorette and later appeared on Bachelors in Paradise. But it wasn’t all glitz & glam for Eric. His early days dealt with a lot of tragedy and hard times. Prayer became one of the major turning points in his life that helped him through life. Listen to his life story on how Eric turned his tragedy to triumph on this week’s episode of the Pray podcast. “I didn’t grow up in the church, I wasn’t forced to go to church. But my spiritual side has grown over the years. Everything I’ve done in life and everything I’ve been through, pray has got me through it and I’m big on faith. My dad has always said ‘Son you know religion is great but its all about the relationship with higher power’ and prayer has really been my anchor.” For more Life, Leadership, and Legacy episodes visit

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