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XXXVIII. Izu Aginwa - Leadership - "Learn Leadership by Imitation"


Published on 11/27/2018

Izu Aginwa is the leader of The Vibe, a new and expanding tribe of young adults in Southern California’s Inland Empire at Abundant Living Family Church. He also serves as the Director of Southeastern University of the Inland Empire, a fully-accredited college at Abundant Living Family Church. Izu was born in Atlanta, Georgia but spent most of his young life growing up in Nigeria. Growing up with missionary parents, Izu Aginwa was raised in a Christian household by the word of God. He also served as the Student Life Director for SEU’s extension campus as well as a Youth Director in Central Florida. “I’ve learned so much from imitation. When you first start out submit to some leader. Commit to serving them, like really commit and ask yourself how can I offer value?” For more Life, Leadership, and Legacy episodes visit

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