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You Will Live Forever

David Platt - Radical

Published on 04/14/2020

Whether it’s a deadly virus, a car accident, or simply our bodies giving out at an old age, the reality is that, unless Jesus returns soon, each of us will have to face the reality of our own death. And that means facing the reality of eternity––either eternal life with God in heaven or facing God’s judgment in hell. So the question each of us must ask is, “Do I know for certain that if I died right now I would go to heaven?” In this message from Mark 5:21–43, David Platt points us to Jesus Christ as our only security in life and in death. This account of Christ raising a young girl to life should cause our fear to give way to faith as we place our trust in the One who died for sinners and then rose again to conquer sin and death on their behalf.

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