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Your Sins Are Forgiven

Bob Christopher - Just a Minute!

Published on 02/12/2018

Capernaum was Jesus’s home base during his public ministry. He taught there, prayed there and ministered there. One day, a huge crowd gathered to hear him teach the word. Four men showed up with their paralytic friend. There were so many people, they couldn’t get in the house. They climbed on the roof, and tore a hole in it just so they could lower their friend down to Jesus. When Jesus saw this man, he said to him, “my son, your sins are forgiven.” The Jewish leaders were perplexed, because they knew that God alone had authority to forgive sins. That’s Jesus. He and the Father are one. He has the authority. And when he says to you, your sins are forgiven, believe it, because it’s true. So today, rejoice, because of the blood of Jesus, you are a forgiven person.

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