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Latest Episodes

Name Time Released
Christina Dent: How Becoming a Foster Parent Changed My Views on the Best Way to Fight Drugs 0:44:06 11/25/2020
Matt and Laurie Krieg: This Is How God Saved Our (Mixed-Orientation) Marriage 0:43:14 11/18/2020
Kathy Branzell: Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray in a Polarized Time 0:32:57 11/11/2020
Scot McKnight: How to Be a 'Tov' Church, Not a Toxic One 0:48:25 11/04/2020
Steve Cunningham: Are You Living Out the Second Part of the Great Commission? 0:41:54 10/21/2020
Chuck DeGroat: How to Recognize Narcissism in a Church Leader 0:44:50 10/14/2020
Lecrae: What I Learned About Jesus Through Facing Racism in the Church 0:37:46 10/07/2020
Allen White: This Is an Amazing Year for Online Small Groups 0:35:07 09/30/2020
Esau McCaulley: Why Do We Treat Racism Differently Than Other Sins? 0:44:52 09/23/2020
Kaitlyn Schiess: Do You Believe One of These 4 False Gospels? 0:53:33 09/16/2020
Wade Mullen: How to Recognize Spiritual Abuse in the Church 0:38:45 09/09/2020
Mary Lederleitner: How to Preach and Lead During an Election Year 0:42:18 09/02/2020
Justin Giboney: How to Know If Your Pursuit of Justice Is Biblical 0:35:32 08/26/2020
Greg Atkinson: How to Take Hospitality As Seriously As God Does 0:40:54 08/19/2020
Adam Weber: How to Love Difficult People (for Pastors) 0:36:30 08/12/2020
Joel McGill: The Great Commission Could Be Fulfilled in Your Lifetime 0:39:44 08/05/2020
Sandra Richter: When the Environment Suffers, So Do Widows and Orphans 0:41:38 07/29/2020
Valerie Bell and Matt Markins: This Is How to Help Kids Love Jesus for the Rest of Their Lives 0:37:27 07/22/2020
Chip Ingram: How to Stop Living Like a Spiritual Orphan 0:34:28 07/15/2020
Jeff Reed: Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships 0:42:26 07/08/2020
Carlos Whittaker: Are You Living 'Life to the Full' with Jesus? 0:40:29 07/01/2020
Eugene Cho: Politics, the Fruits of the Spirit, and How Not to Be a Jerk 0:37:52 06/24/2020
Lacy Finn Borgo: How Not to Get in the Way of Your Children Experiencing God 0:33:12 06/17/2020
Brenda Salter McNeil: We Are in an Esther Moment Right Now 0:37:36 06/10/2020
Jordan Gustafson on the Amazing Opportunity of Long-Term Missions 0:38:09 06/03/2020
Lee Strobel: Pastor, You Need an Apologetics Point Person 0:33:08 05/27/2020
Tim Mackie and Jon Collins: This Is Why It's Hard to Understand the Bible 0:32:30 05/20/2020
Thom Schultz: Kids Need VBS This Year More Than Ever 0:33:38 05/13/2020
Jeannie Gaffigan: How to Handle Life's Trials with Faith and Humor 0:42:34 05/06/2020
Dave Gibson: Whose Salvation Are You Praying for Every Day? 0:38:10 04/29/2020
Eric Metaxas: God Has Powerful Lessons for Us in the Heroes of History 0:37:51 04/22/2020
Timothy Keller: How to Practice True Tolerance 0:33:32 04/15/2020
Kara Powell: This Is What Young People Need from Adults Right Now 0:35:19 04/08/2020
Ken Boa: Suffering Is a Required Course in the University of Life 0:30:29 04/01/2020
Daniel Grothe: Who Are the 80-Year-Olds You Want to Be Like? 0:35:53 03/25/2020
Jeremy Camp: God Does Not Waste Suffering 0:28:29 03/18/2020
Jay Kim: Why We Need an Analog Church in a Digital Age 0:38:04 03/11/2020
Margaret Feinberg: How Food Reveals the Heart of God 0:37:50 03/04/2020
Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson: Being at Peace with the Mystery of God 0:40:50 02/26/2020
Danielle Strickland: Jesus Is the Healer of Gender Inequality in the Church 0:37:39 02/19/2020
Josh Gagnon: How to Make Your Church Fit Your Community 0:39:17 02/12/2020
Aimee Byrd: What Does It Really Mean to Be a 'Biblical' Man or Woman? 0:35:08 02/05/2020
Josh Weidmann: How (Not) to Be an Unhealthy Leader 0:33:44 01/29/2020
Meg Meeker: What You Need to Know About Teen Sex, Depression, and Social Media Use 0:27:01 01/22/2020
Daniel Henderson: How to Lead Your People in Prayer 0:40:00 01/15/2020
Roger Lane: This Is How to Do Fundraising God's Way 0:32:50 01/08/2020
Stephen Witmer: Your 'Forgotten' Small Church Is Really Important 0:38:43 01/01/2020
Thomas Jay Oord: What If God Is Not Absolutely Sovereign? 0:38:27 12/18/2019
Megan Fate Marshman: What If What You Think Your Ministry Needs Is Not What It Actually Needs? 0:33:54 12/11/2019
Brady Boyd on the Need for Us to Turn Outrage into Outreach 0:35:58 12/04/2019
N.T. Wright on the Dangers of Neglecting the History of the New Testament 0:33:02 11/27/2019
John Mark Comer: Hurry Is the Greatest Enemy to Spiritual Life 0:37:58 11/20/2019
Leonard Sweet on the Shift We Must Make to Point People to Jesus 0:35:02 11/13/2019
Mark DeYmaz: Tithing Is Not Enough If Churches Want to Survive 0:42:36 11/06/2019
Steve Cuss: The Anxiety That Is Unique to Church Leaders 0:36:30 10/30/2019
Lee Strobel: Is Your Church Safe for People Who Are Questioning? 0:38:46 10/23/2019
Christopher Yuan: If We Don't Redeem Singleness, We're Not Ready to Talk About Homosexuality 0:42:40 10/16/2019
Dave Vance: If You Want to Reach Your City, You Need to Know Its True Needs 0:37:37 10/09/2019
Greg Stier: Teens Who Pray for the Lost, See the Lost 0:29:32 10/02/2019
Rusty George: How My Church Navigated the Tragedy of Pastoral Suicide 0:33:20 09/25/2019
Mark Sayers: An Anxious, Post-Christian Culture Is Longing for Hope 0:37:55 09/18/2019
Tara Beth Leach: This Is How Your Preaching Can Thwart Consumerism 0:38:55 09/11/2019
David Curry to the Church in the West: Please, Do Not Sleep While Persecution Rises 0:35:16 09/04/2019
Dave Willis: Jesus Shows Us How to Respect Women in a Culture of Disrespect 0:41:06 08/28/2019
David Kinnaman: Living in a Digital Babylon (What You Need to Know) 0:39:21 08/21/2019
J.D. Greear: Here Is How to Keep the Gospel, Not Politics, First 0:34:56 08/14/2019
Tim Lucas: This Is What Millennials and Gen Z Want in a Church 0:38:15 08/06/2019
Rachael Denhollander: What Pastors Need to Know About Sexual Abuse 0:37:08 07/31/2019
Todd Wilson: Don't Look at People in Your Church as Volunteers 0:50:13 07/24/2019
Craig Gross: There Has to Be Space for Us to Talk About Cannabis 0:47:54 07/17/2019
Garry Poole: Why Evangelism Training Should Be Important to You 0:45:38 07/10/2019
Jimmy Dodd: This Is Why Pastors Need to Have Healthy Boundaries 0:43:12 07/03/2019
Irving Hexham: This Is Why Christians Need to Know About Other Religions 0:44:32 06/26/2019
Luis Palau: Never Forget How Grand Your Calling Is 0:36:06 06/19/2019
Jay Kranda: This Is Why You Should Care About Online Church 0:42:14 06/12/2019
Steven Argue: It's a Difficult Time to Be an Emerging Adult 0:43:34 06/05/2019
John Townsend: Pastors Have Needs and That's a Good Thing 0:36:58 05/29/2019
Anthony Thompson: What Happened When I Forgave My Wife's Murderer 0:35:47 05/22/2019
Sam Allberry: You Don't Have to Be Married to Minister 0:37:42 05/15/2019
Daniel Im: There Are No Silver Bullets in Discipleship 0:48:19 05/08/2019
Jim Martin: Taking the Controversy Out of Justice Work 0:35:40 05/01/2019
Charles Stone: What You Need to Know About Mindfulness 0:40:05 04/24/2019
Kara Powell: Teens Want Faith, Not Church 0:37:39 04/17/2019
Robby Gallaty: Jesus' Life Was Just As Important As His Death 0:43:21 04/09/2019
Craig Springer: What You Need to Know About Millennials and Evangelism 0:40:18 04/03/2019
Ken Costa: God's Strange Kingdom and the Stranger Cross 0:30:22 03/27/2019
Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson: Pastors Are People, Too 0:42:30 03/20/2019
Drew Dyck: How to Do Your Future Self a Favor 0:31:47 03/13/2019
Matt Brown: Speaking Truth Louder Is Not Working 0:31:30 03/06/2019
Hannah Anderson: What Discernment Is (and Is Not) 0:35:42 02/27/2019
Shane Pruitt: When a Minister's Family Struggles 0:37:23 02/20/2019
Erwin McManus: Your Theology Won't Save You From Lack of Peace 0:32:42 02/13/2019
David Fitch: How to Be a Church on Mission 0:36:01 02/06/2019
Justin Moxley: The Critical Need to Plant More Churches 0:41:36 01/30/2019
Kent Annan: What You Should Know About Refugees and Immigrants 0:39:51 01/22/2019
Brent Crowe: When You Live and Lead With Regret 0:39:37 01/16/2019
Scott Sauls: How to Be an Authentic Person (and Pastor) 0:39:31 01/09/2019
Matthew Kim: Considering Your Congregation When You Preach 0:34:23 01/02/2019
A Year in Review: 2018 Was a Difficult One for the Church 0:36:38 12/26/2018
Reggie McNeal: The Gospel of the Kingdom Vs. the Gospel of the Church 0:38:06 12/19/2018
Dean Sweetman and Frank Barry: What Pastors Need to Know About Year-End Giving 0:36:00 12/12/2018
Jonathan Pokluda: Millennials, "Adulting", and the Church 0:36:19 12/05/2018
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: A Sojourner's Journey in the Church 0:36:35 11/28/2018
Gavin Rogers: Why I Joined the Migrant Caravan 0:38:22 11/21/2018
Lysa Terkeurst: How to Lead When Your Private Life Is Being Shaken 0:32:45 11/14/2018
Bryan Loritts: White Evangelicalism and the Hope I See 0:37:14 11/07/2018
Alan Briggs: How to Overcome 'Pastor Overwhelm' 0:34:15 10/31/2018
Corey Nelson: How to Unintentionally Start a Church for Children 0:56:40 10/24/2018
Carey Nieuwhof: How to Overcome the Cynicism That Saps Leaders of Strength 0:33:45 10/17/2018
Ed Stetzer: How to Pastor People in an Age of Outrage 0:32:57 10/10/2018
Craig Groeschel: How to Pastor With Integrity 0:35:04 10/03/2018
Les Parrott: How to Take the Guess-Work Out of Pre-Marriage Counseling 0:36:48 09/26/2018
Andy Stanley: Why I Stopped Saying 'The Bible Says' When I Preach 0:37:08 09/19/2018
Michael Frost: The Church Needs to Get Back to Being Weird 0:31:26 09/12/2018
Terry Smith: Dreaming of Diversity in Your Church 0:35:25 09/05/2018
Peter Greer: Stop Comparing Your Ministry to Others 0:35:15 08/29/2018
Jackie Hill Perry: God Is Not Calling Gay People to Be Straight 0:33:08 08/22/2018
Allen White: Finding Ways to Make Small Groups Work 0:35:18 08/15/2018
Rusty George: Pastors Need Community 0:31:34 08/08/2018
Ken Shigemetsu: Pastor, Here's How to Protect Your Soul 0:30:48 08/01/2018
Rich Stearns: World Vision is the Emergency Room of the Planet 0:39:07 07/25/2018
Juli Slattery: Embracing a Biblical Narrative of Sexuality 0:32:41 07/18/2018
Francis Chan: Sensing God's Presence 0:32:19 07/11/2018
Gary Haugen: Mobilizing the Church to End Slavery 0:27:42 07/03/2018
Sam Rodriguez: Today’s Complacency Is Tomorrow’s Captivity 0:29:41 06/27/2018
Tony Morgan: Know Your Mission Field 0:37:54 06/20/2018
Vince Miller: Mentoring Will Bring Men Back to the Church 0:35:12 06/13/2018
Scot McKnight: Invoking the Holy Spirit 0:38:23 06/05/2018
Kristen Padilla: Discerning Your Call 0:34:20 05/30/2018
Pete Scazzero: Don't Ignore Your Emotional Health 0:34:45 05/23/2018
Jon Sanders: Embrace Your Small Town, Don't Try to Escape It 0:36:28 05/16/2018
Thom Rainer: How Relational Is Your Church? 0:28:07 05/09/2018
A. J. Swoboda: The Sabbath Is a Gift from God 0:35:33 05/02/2018
Karl Vaters: Being small is not a problem, virtue or an excuse 0:36:35 04/25/2018
Jamie Mertens: Keep it Simple, Let God Work 0:42:58 04/18/2018
Christine Caine: God Is Preparing You for Something He's Already Prepared For You 0:26:54 04/11/2018
Rich Birch: Here's How to Make Your Church Grow 0:39:11 04/04/2018
Pastor Choco: How Your Church Can Reach Out to Latinos 0:34:05 03/28/2018
Ed Stetzer: How You Can Be a Better Leader 0:31:58 03/21/2018
Grant Skeldon: If You Want to Be Discipled, Be Hungry 0:33:57 03/14/2018
Brian Houston: How to See God's Gifting in Your Life 0:26:33 03/07/2018
Jeff Vanderstelt: When Discipling, Admit You Don't Know Everything 0:36:45 02/28/2018
Matt Redman: Worship Is Not about a Small, Flimsy God 0:36:16 02/21/2018
Dave Ferguson: Multiplication is the Mission of Jesus 0:36:54 02/14/2018
Eric Bryant: How to Reach Those Who Aren't Like You 0:42:47 02/07/2018
Jo Saxton: Broken Pieces Can Be Redeemed 0:36:44 01/31/2018
Ryan Wakefield: Planning for Ongoing Discipleship, Not the Next Big Event 0:39:33 01/24/2018
Nick Vujicic: Teaching the Church How to Fish 0:41:20 01/17/2018
Daniel Henderson: How to Pray When You're In Charge 0:38:53 01/10/2018
Steve and Jackie Green: Inviting All People to Engage With the Bible 0:31:55 01/03/2018
Brett McCracken: Christianity is Meant to Be Uncomfortable 0:38:49 12/27/2017
Brian Zahnd: Jesus Is The True Perfect Word of God 0:45:47 12/20/2017
Daniel Fusco: How to Transition Leadership and Still Grow 0:40:08 12/13/2017
Josh and Sean McDowell: How to Answer Skeptics in a Post-Truth World 0:32:06 12/06/2017
Clay Scroggins: How to Be a Great Leader When You're Not in Charge 0:43:11 11/30/2017
Clay Scroggins: How to Be a Great Leader When You Are Not in Charge 0:45:06 11/29/2017
John Eldredge: What Life Might Look Like When Jesus Makes All Things New 0:40:50 11/22/2017
Warren Bird: Want Your Church to Grow? Don't Neglect This 0:39:33 11/15/2017
Alan Hirsch: Revitalizing Church with the Ephesians 4 Blueprint 0:41:54 11/08/2017
Glenn Packiam: The Gift of the Christian Calendar 0:32:42 11/01/2017
Lisa Bevere: How to Lead without Rival 0:46:46 10/25/2017
Eugene Cho: Sacrificing Agenda to Make a Positive Impact on Your Neighborhood 0:40:12 10/18/2017
Scot McKnight: Reconciling Science and Scripture 0:36:07 10/11/2017
N.T. Wright: What the Church Has Missed in the Crucifixion of Jesus 0:41:26 10/04/2017
Louie Giglio: If the Church Doesn't Take Risks, Goliath Will Never Fall 0:41:45 09/27/2017
Jarrid Wilson: De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness in the Church 0:35:04 09/20/2017
Max Lucado: How Pastors Can Be Anxious for Nothing 0:35:03 09/13/2017
Efrem Smith: Being God's Reconcilers in a Volatile Mission Field 0:37:12 09/06/2017
Todd Adkins: Why We Struggle to Develop Leaders in the Church 0:38:28 08/29/2017
Shane Claiborne: When Christians Are Compelled to Protest 0:37:08 08/23/2017
William Vanderbloemen: How to Find and Keep Great Church Staff 0:30:29 08/16/2017
Mark MacDonald: How to Make Your Church Known for Something 0:35:48 08/09/2017
Dave Gibbons: Leading Your Church through Desert Moments 0:47:44 08/02/2017
Os Guinness: The Extraordinary Times We Are Living In and the Need for Christian Courage 0:34:32 07/26/2017
Jodi Hickerson: The No-Strings-Attached Approach to Church Planting 0:39:18 07/19/2017
Adam Hamilton: Lessons on Leadership from Moses, the Reluctant Prophet 0:33:53 07/12/2017
Kyle Idleman: How Pastors Miss the Grace of God 0:37:01 07/04/2017
Peyton Jones: What We Miss about the Apostles’ Approach to Reaching the Unreached 0:40:00 06/28/2017
Eugene Peterson: What Most Pastors Don't Know about Pastoring 0:43:59 06/20/2017
Jeff Myers: Exposing the Non-Biblical Worldviews that Influence the Church 0:36:54 06/14/2017
Shawn Lovejoy: Building Healthy Cultures, Teams, and Systems in the Church 0:28:03 06/07/2017
Mark DeYmaz: Repurposing the Church—Living Out the Gospel and Leading Change in Culture 0:38:07 05/31/2017
Chad Robichaux: Helping Broken Warriors Win the Most Important Battles in Life 0:42:13 05/24/2017
Chad Robichaux: How to Win the Most Important Battles in Our Lives 0:42:13 05/24/2017
Derwin Gray: Why Sunday Is Still the Most Segregated Time of the Week and What to Do about It 0:35:00 05/19/2017
Mark Batterson: How Jesus Modeled Manhood 0:29:55 05/10/2017
Carolyn Custis James: Helping Men and Women Embrace a Blessed Alliance Based on Biblical Understanding 0:33:44 05/05/2017
Robby Gallaty: How the Jewish Jesus Did Discipleship and Other Things We've Forgotten 0:32:04 04/27/2017
Steve Adams: How to Be a Great Staff Pastor under a Senior Pastor 0:36:48 04/19/2017
Christian George: What Charles Spurgeon Has to Say to the Church Today 0:31:48 04/12/2017
Glenn Paauw: Pulling Back Bible Tradition in the Modern Era to Uncover God’s Intention for the Scriptures 0:36:15 04/05/2017
Bible Literacy Experts Address the Problem of Bible-Less Christianity 0:29:29 03/31/2017
Adam Weber: Giving Up Ego and Shame to Pray and Preach Better 0:28:08 03/23/2017
Our Most Popular Episode: Kara Powell and the #1 Reason Youth Leave the Church 0:22:57 03/15/2017
Lee Strobel: Creating Dialogue Around the Gospel 0:28:57 03/08/2017
Craig Groeschel: The Small, Everyday Decisions that Reveal Divine Direction 0:33:09 03/01/2017
Jennifer Rothschild: Understanding God's Love from Every Book of the Bible 0:24:44 02/14/2017
Scott Sauls: Cultivating Iron-Sharpens-Iron Friendships in the Church 0:26:44 02/08/2017
Greg Smalley: Fighting for Oneness in Marriage 0:24:46 02/01/2017
Chip Ingram: How God Longs for You to See Him 0:30:24 01/25/2017
Joni Eareckson Tada: What Every Pastor Needs to Know About Ministering to Those With Special Needs 0:26:17 01/18/2017
Gary Thomas: The Neglected Word That Can Change Everything For Your Marriage 0:27:41 01/11/2017
Dallas Jenkins on Faith, Film and Creating Breakthrough Stories 0:35:30 01/05/2017
Bill Purvis: Moving Beyond Your Past and Into Your Purpose 0:23:01 12/27/2016
Ken Costa: Helping People Discover God's Purpose For Their Life 0:25:54 12/21/2016
Brady Boyd: 4 Conversations That Can Bring Healing Into Your Life 0:25:41 12/13/2016
Louie Giglio: Raising Up a Generation of Passionate Worshippers Sold Out for Jesus 0:27:45 12/07/2016
Timothy Lane: Teaching Your People to Live Without Worry 0:24:49 11/30/2016
James K.A. Smith: How Our Worship Practices Transform Our Deepest Loves 0:26:32 11/23/2016
Mark Bates: How to Lead Change When Change Is Hard 0:22:12 11/15/2016
Steve Arterburn: Fighting Against the Biggest Threats to a Pastor's Life and Ministry 0:24:12 11/09/2016
Nancy Guthrie: What Grieving People Want Their Pastors to Know 0:31:13 11/02/2016
Mike Foster: Sharing God's Radical Love and Acceptance with Broken People 0:30:10 10/26/2016
David Jeremiah: Why Christians Might Be Heading Towards Their Best Days 0:23:18 10/18/2016
Mark Batterson: Advancing God’s Kingdom & Helping Your People Chase Bigger Dreams 0:21:14 10/11/2016
Tim Tebow: How to Stay Grounded When Life Throws You a Curveball 0:21:47 10/11/2016
Kara Powell: Helping Young People Discover and Love Your Church 0:26:14 10/05/2016
Chuck Swindoll: Avoiding Common Mistakes Pastors Make When Preparing to Preach God's Word 0:32:31 09/27/2016
Emerson Eggerichs: Why Our Marriages Are Falling Apart and What We Can Do to Save Them 0:29:39 09/21/2016
Glenn Packiam: How to Cultivate Worship Services with Depth and Mystery 0:24:46 09/13/2016
Jeff Goins: Leading Creatives Towards Vision and Results 0:35:38 09/07/2016
Gary Thomas: Secrets to Enjoying an Outstanding Devotional Life 0:24:42 08/31/2016
Lance Witt: The Secret to Building High-Functioning Teams 0:33:31 08/23/2016
Shauna Niequist: Trading in Perfectionism for a Life of Peace and Connection 0:24:01 08/10/2016
Bianca Olthoff: Discovering God's Huge Dream for Your Life 0:26:57 08/04/2016
Alan Hirsch: How the Church Can Fulfill the Mission of God 0:26:27 07/26/2016
Les Parrott: Helping Save Marriages Before They Start 0:27:08 06/29/2016
Adam Weber: Lessons Learned When Our Church Experienced Extraordinary Growth 0:34:32 06/21/2016
Jeff Vanderstelt: Leading People to Submit All of Life to the Lordship of Christ 0:27:19 06/15/2016
Tim Challies: Writing to Change Hearts and Minds 0:25:51 06/02/2016
Jason Peters: How to Love and Serve Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters 0:29:08 05/25/2016
David Eaton: Translating Youth Culture to Help Parents in the Church 0:35:29 05/19/2016
Caesar Kalinowski: Living Out the Mission of God Right Where We Are 0:42:57 05/12/2016
Russell Moore: Leading Well Through Election 2016 0:28:38 05/04/2016
David Kinnaman: Reversing the Church's Irrelevance Problem 0:39:11 04/27/2016
Dan Allender: Ministry That Heals Wounded Hearts 0:30:42 04/21/2016
Matt Brown: Are We on the Brink of Revival? 0:30:11 04/13/2016
Christine Caine: Jesus Came to Shame Our Shame 0:28:07 04/04/2016
Steven Furtick on How to Handle Both Growth and Critcism 0:26:16 03/30/2016
Chip Ingram on What You Can Expect the Moment After You Die 0:32:48 03/23/2016
Andy Crouch: How to Flourish by Embracing Authority and Vulnerability 0:33:30 03/10/2016
Perry Noble on How to Preach the Hope of the Gospel During Difficult Times 0:22:25 03/02/2016
Gabe Lyons on How Christians Can Reverse Negative Cultural Stereotypes 0:29:46 02/24/2016
Robert Jeffress on Leading Through Controversial Times 0:29:19 02/17/2016
Ronnie Floyd on How to Wake Up a Sleeping Church 0:38:29 02/10/2016
Jimmy Dodd on the Six Relationships Every Pastor Needs to Thrive 0:33:01 02/03/2016
Carey Nieuwhof on Why Most Churches Don't Break The 200 Attendance Mark 0:35:01 01/26/2016
Paul Tripp on How Our Sense of "Awe" Changes Everything 0:27:50 01/20/2016
Jill Lynn Buteyn Discusses What Leaders Need to Know About Ministering to Those Who Are Suffering 0:30:11 01/12/2016
Greg Laurie on Evangelism: Build Bridges and Drop "Christianese" 0:30:45 01/07/2016
Jenni Catron on the Essential Habits of Extraordinary Leaders 0:27:46 12/16/2015
Greg Smalley on What Every Pastor Should Know About Strengthening the Marriages in Their Church 0:25:06 12/09/2015
Barnabas Piper: 4 Mistakes Well-Meaning Pastors Make With Their Kids 0:32:47 12/02/2015
Growing Up with Gay Parents and Following Jesus An Interview with Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach 0:25:51 11/18/2015
Growing Up with Gay Parents and Following Jesus—An Interview with Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach 0:25:51 11/18/2015
Dr. Al Mohler on How to Lead with Love in the Midst of Moral Revolution 0:19:39 11/11/2015
Louie Giglio on the Glory of God, Leadership Burnout and His Biggest Comeback Yet 0:39:06 11/04/2015
Francis Chan and Chip Ingram Share Their Best Advice for Growing in Faithfulness 0:39:52 10/27/2015
Jerry Jenkins, Co-author of Left Behind Series, on How Learning to Tell a Good Story Will Improve Your Sermons 0:30:05 10/20/2015
Dave Gibbons on Fighting Racism in the Church and Engaging Global Cultures 0:31:57 10/13/2015
Leadership Insights from the Fasting-Growing Churches America 0:27:45 10/07/2015
Chris Brown on Avoiding Common Mistakes Leaders Make with Money 0:31:02 09/30/2015
Kevin Palau on How Churches Can Work Together to Reach Their Cities for Christ 0:33:56 09/22/2015
Kay Warren on Mental Health and the Church 0:24:55 09/15/2015
Brad Lomenick Shares Leadership Trends Every Church Leader Should Know 0:47:29 09/08/2015
Lysa TerKeurst Shares One of the Best Ways to Grow Mighty in God's Word 0:34:10 09/02/2015
Lysa TerKeurst Shares One of the Best Ways to Grow Mighty in God’s Word 0:34:10 09/02/2015
Lee Strobel Shares 6 Steps for Explosive Outreach in Your Church 0:29:51 08/25/2015
Stephen and Alex Kendrick Discuss Their New Film War Room 0:24:33 08/24/2015
Kara Powell: #1 Reason Youth Leave the Church—And How to Reverse the Trend 0:23:44 08/19/2015
Kara Powell: #1 Reason Youth Leave the Church And How to Reverse the Trend 0:23:44 08/18/2015
Dr. Thom Rainer on Church Attendance Trends Every Leader Should Know 0:29:53 08/11/2015
Greg Stier on Reaching the Next Generation for Christ 0:31:23 08/06/2015
John Ortberg on Becoming a Master Storyteller and His Friendship with Dallas Willard 0:28:41 07/29/2015
Eugene Cho on Why His Church Won't Last Forever—And Neither Will Yours 0:32:00 07/21/2015
Jon Acuff on Making Ministry Awesome and Why "Busy" Isn't Successful 0:33:41 07/14/2015
Jennie Allen on God's Call to Gather, Equip and Unleash a Generation of Women 0:30:58 07/07/2015
Carlos Whittaker on How the Church Can Be a Part of the Solution to Racism 0:35:42 06/30/2015
Ron Edmondson on the Best Practices in Church Growth and Revitalization 0:25:38 06/23/2015
Donald Miller on Blue Like Jazz, Emotional Intelligence and Avoiding the Performance Trap 0:24:59 06/17/2015
Jefferson Bethke on Reaching Millennials, Sabbath Rest and the Challenges of Being in the Spotlight 0:36:06 06/10/2015
Erwin McManus on Creating Space for Innovation and Creativity in the Church 0:36:02 06/02/2015
Jen Hatmaker Discusses Changing the Tone of Our Cultural Engagement, Women's Ministry, and Her Family's Fight Against Excessiveness 0:34:06 05/26/2015
Ed Stetzer on Church Planting, Mars Hill, and the Future of the Church 0:32:50 05/20/2015
Judah Smith on the Biggest Challenges for the Church, Leadership Culture and Preaching Prep 0:36:00 05/13/2015
Franklin Graham on How Samaritan's Purse Is Responding to the Recent Earthquake in Nepal 0:09:57 05/11/2015
Matt Chandler on Preparing for Marriage and Working Through Tough Seasons 0:26:16 05/05/2015