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Latest Episodes

Name Time Released
The 4th of July, Whataburger, and a conversation with Katie McCoy 0:53:12 07/03/2020
A Saharan dust storm, reopening issues, and a conversation with Andrew T. Walker 0:45:06 06/26/2020
An ERLC crossover podcast with Jeff Pickering and Chelsea Sobolik 0:53:13 06/19/2020
TikTok, cancel culture, and a conversation with Jimmy McNeal 0:51:42 06/12/2020
SpaceX, racial justice, and a conversation with Ashley Unzicker 0:47:21 06/05/2020
Hong Kong, George Floyd’s death, and a conversation with Lemanuel Williams 0:54:34 05/29/2020
Fake pizza, declining birth rates, and a conversation with Charles Clark from the IMB 0:52:26 05/22/2020
Hamilton, Twitter and Google’s WFH plans, and a conversation with Greg Pickering 0:50:11 05/15/2020
Mother’s Day, Nicolas Cage, and a conversation with Chelsea Sobolik 0:47:02 05/08/2020
Parks and Rec returns, beaches closed in California, and a conversation with Sara Groves 0:47:54 05/01/2020
Unemployment, Zoom fatigue, and a conversation with Dan Darling 0:41:13 04/24/2020
Religious liberty, SNL from home, and a conversation with John Inazu 0:43:26 04/17/2020
Holy Week, the Queen’s speech, and a conversation with Catherine Parks 0:38:07 04/10/2020
Social distancing extended, the rise of Zoom bombing, and a conversation with Jen Wilkin 0:38:58 04/03/2020
$2 trillion in relief, the Olympics postponed, and a conversation with Dr. Charles Smith 0:55:13 03/27/2020
Quarantine, coronavirus, and a conversation with Dr. Scott James 0:50:01 03/20/2020
Harvey Weinstein sentenced to prison, the coronavirus shuts down the U.S., and a conversation with Dr. Randy Davis 0:43:31 03/13/2020
Tennessee tornadoes, an abortion case at SCOTUS, and a conversation with Jason Thacker 0:41:29 03/06/2020
Justin Bieber, Super Tuesday, and a conversation with Juan Sanchez 0:48:57 02/28/2020
Bloomberg, polygamy in Utah, and a conversation with Daniel Ritchie 0:40:00 02/21/2020
Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, and a conversation with Trillia Newbell 0:39:16 02/14/2020
News-mageddon: The Super Bowl, Impeachment, and a conversation with Ashlyn Portero 0:41:21 02/07/2020
Iowa, the Grammys, and a conversation with Chelsea Patterson Sobolik 0:40:44 01/31/2020
MLK Day, March for Life, and a conversation with J.T. English 0:33:45 01/24/2020
Introducing a new format for the ERLC Podcast 0:28:50 01/17/2020
The Church and the Orphan Crisis: Creating an Adoption Culture 0:27:29 01/14/2020
Single, dating, engaged, married: Navigating life and love in the modern age 0:18:47 01/09/2020
Will Roe go: Abortion and the future of pro-life policy 0:18:13 12/31/2019
Songwriters and storytellers 0:35:21 12/24/2019
The Suffering Family and the Goodness of God 0:26:13 12/17/2019
Strengthening your marriage in ministry: Overcoming jealousy, resentment, discouragement, and loneliness 0:31:28 12/10/2019
God on sex: The Creator’s ideas about love, intimacy, and marriage 0:31:15 12/03/2019
The gospel and the future of cultural engagement 0:45:58 11/19/2019
The gospel and the future of Christian ministry 0:45:36 11/12/2019
Show Hope: Orphans, adoption, and the heart of God 0:38:04 11/05/2019
Remember those in prison 0:31:05 10/29/2019
No matter how small: The gospel and human dignity 0:21:35 10/22/2019
Re-engage: Restoring marriages by the power of the gospel 0:52:26 10/15/2019
Marriage on the line: Preparing your church for a same-sex marriage culture 0:37:38 09/24/2019
Captivating children with the beauty of the Gospel 0:12:52 09/10/2019
Planned Parenthood exposed: Fetal tissue, bioethics, and the future of abortion in America 0:44:55 09/03/2019
First things first: How a commitment to life, marriage, and religious liberty shapes our political outlook 0:15:19 08/27/2019
Faithful husband, strong father: Embracing God’s design for manhood in marriage 0:52:36 08/20/2019
Adoption and foster care, special needs, and mental health 0:32:23 08/13/2019
The Gospel and the Future of Multi-Ethnic Ministry 0:33:46 08/06/2019
How the fatherhood of God shapes leadership in the home 0:30:34 07/30/2019
Building a peaceful home 0:15:19 07/16/2019
From womb to tomb: Defining a holistic human dignity perspective 0:31:31 07/09/2019
The Gospel and the Future of Secular America 0:41:27 07/02/2019
Caring for the stranger: Immigrants, refugees, and the response of the Church 0:28:34 06/25/2019
The Gospel and The Future of Bible-Centered Discipleship 0:44:05 06/18/2019
A human voice: The mystery of life in an age of machines 0:35:18 06/11/2019
The need to address sexual abuse and sexual assault 0:34:50 06/04/2019
Kathy Litton on women in ministry and leadership 0:18:06 05/21/2019
Better Together with Melissa Kruger 0:23:09 05/14/2019
Better Together with Jennifer Kintner 0:18:55 05/07/2019
Better Together with Susie Hawkins 0:26:58 04/30/2019
Better Together with Katie McCoy 0:26:35 04/23/2019
Better Together: Hannah Anderson on women discipleship and serving in rural areas 0:29:38 04/16/2019
Better Together: Veronica Greear on the local church 0:23:01 04/09/2019
Katie Wussow on a woman's place in life, church, and work 0:25:03 04/02/2019
Katie Wussow on a woman’s place in life, church, and work 0:25:03 04/02/2019
Better Together: Courtney Reissig on training women in the local church 0:32:36 03/26/2019
Better Together with Amy Whitfield 0:28:07 03/19/2019
Better Together with Russell Moore 0:24:29 03/12/2019
Better Together with Lily Park 0:19:30 03/05/2019
Better Together with Lilly Park 0:19:30 03/05/2019
Christine Hoover on training and equipping women 0:23:47 02/26/2019
Jennifer Lyell on women in leadership 0:37:48 02/19/2019
Phillip Bethancourt on the value of women in church and ministry 0:19:55 02/12/2019
Better Together with Trillia Newbell 0:01:29 02/10/2019
Marriage, Parenting, and Discipleship 0:21:18 02/05/2019
Educating children for a complex world 0:32:25 01/29/2019
Christ-Centered Parenting: How to have gospel conversations with your kids on complex cultural issues 0:19:11 01/22/2019
Loving wife, fulfilled mother: Embracing God’s design for womanhood in marriage 0:58:41 01/15/2019
Politics and the person: Why legislation matters for the pro-life cause 0:28:18 01/08/2019
Holy longing: The struggle with infertility 0:40:34 01/01/2019
The Mingling of Souls 0:41:26 12/18/2018
Finishing well: Grandparents, widows, and caring for family in their final days 0:59:30 12/11/2018
Building community in the home 0:36:53 12/04/2018
Panel discussion: Screen time and family time 1:00:18 11/27/2018
The Gospel and Evangelism and the Future of Church Planting 0:35:17 11/13/2018
The Civil Rights Movement 50 years after MLK 0:27:22 11/09/2018
The gospel and the future of marriage and family 0:31:08 10/30/2018
Christian hip-hop and the next generation 0:21:03 10/23/2018
Ready to launch: How mission shapes children 0:41:34 10/09/2018
Be a voice for life: Developing a compelling pro-life message 0:24:00 10/02/2018
Equipping the next generation to embrace gospel diversity 0:15:41 09/25/2018
Take heart: Christian courage in the age of unbelief 0:44:20 09/18/2018
The gospel and the future of theological education 0:36:56 09/11/2018
Adoption and foster care: Providing hope for the hurting 0:31:38 09/04/2018
Human dignity and public policy 0:31:04 08/21/2018
Beyond Veggie Tales: Forming the moral imagination of your kids 0:17:04 08/14/2018
How to raise an alien child 0:44:07 08/07/2018
Parenting through the hard seasons 0:18:08 07/31/2018
The family life of Christian leaders 0:39:53 07/24/2018
The state of racial tension in America 0:30:50 07/17/2018
Evangelicals and the future of racial unity 0:30:55 07/10/2018
Civil Rights Storytellers 0:33:32 07/03/2018
Should we give up on multi-ethnic churches? 1:00:20 06/26/2018
The glory of God and racial unity 0:44:17 06/19/2018
Memphis 50 years after King 0:30:51 06/05/2018
Challenges with women's ministry in the local church 0:30:40 06/05/2018
Challenges with women’s ministry in the local church 0:30:40 06/05/2018
A house divided cannot stand: Understanding and overcoming the inconsistencies of white evangelicals on racial issues 0:33:05 05/29/2018
To the ends of the earth: The Great Commission, the global persecuted church, and racial unity. 0:32:14 05/22/2018
King and Kingdom: Racial justice and the uneasy conscience of American Christianity 0:35:50 05/15/2018
The most segregated hour in America: Overcoming divisions to pursue MLK’s vision of racial harmony 0:32:29 05/08/2018
Pressing on when you fail as a parent 0:21:38 04/24/2018
Tearing down the dividing wall: How the gospel shapes racial reconciliation 0:32:58 04/17/2018
Pro-life and pro-justice 0:20:28 04/10/2018
Never walk away: Lessons on integrity from a father who lived it 0:39:31 03/27/2018
Dignity in disability 0:29:38 03/20/2018
A practical guide to culture: Helping the next generation navigate today's world 0:21:42 03/13/2018
A practical guide to culture: Helping the next generation navigate today’s world 0:21:42 03/13/2018
Talking to your kids about difficult issues 0:31:49 03/05/2018
All God’s children: Growing kids who embrace a biblical view of racial unity 0:43:44 02/26/2018
How a strong marriage empowers you to be strong parents 0:18:29 02/12/2018
Keith Getty discusses corporate singing 0:19:32 01/29/2018
Craig Cooper discusses reconciling after adultery 0:23:48 01/22/2018
Al Hsu discusses grieving a suicide 0:20:57 01/16/2018
Dan Darling discusses human dignity 0:30:27 01/08/2018
Lindsay Nicolet discusses family, addictions, and the hope of the gospel 0:21:16 01/02/2018
Kimberly Wagner discusses thriving through marriage struggles 0:21:30 12/25/2017
Tim Challies discusses biblical literacy 0:20:14 12/18/2017
David Murray talks about Christians and depression 0:22:14 12/11/2017
Broken families with Lore Ferguson Wilbert 0:22:46 12/05/2017
Patrick McGinty and Meagan Smith discuss singleness 0:22:58 11/27/2017
Rachel White discusses the fight against human trafficking 0:19:25 11/20/2017
Jimmy and Kelly Needham discuss overcoming pornography 0:28:26 11/13/2017
Chris Horst on fatherhood 0:27:31 11/06/2017
Courtney Reissig on postpartum depression 0:19:49 10/30/2017
Phillip Bethancourt on church conflict 0:20:50 10/23/2017
Christine Hoover on messy beautiful friendship 0:22:45 10/19/2017
Family feud: Parenting and spiritual warfare 0:17:54 10/10/2017
Capturing Children’s Hearts with the Bible 0:37:08 10/04/2017
God’s Work in the Midst of an Unplanned Pregnancy 0:18:40 09/26/2017
Loving LGBT Neighbors 0:18:50 09/19/2017
Jesus loves the little children: the pro-life movement and racial reconciliation 0:26:16 09/12/2017
Pro-life apologetics; Arguments from reason that align with scripture 0:17:16 09/05/2017
Are you mentally healthy enough? Preparing for adoption’s hardships 0:16:31 08/15/2017
White church, black pastor: Pursuing racial unity 0:18:47 08/08/2017
Reconcilable differences: Building bridges with those who disagree about marriage 0:30:08 08/01/2017
Race and human flourishing; Embracing diversity for the good of all people 0:18:04 07/25/2017
Is God anti-gay? Answering tough questions about same-sex marriage 0:49:41 07/18/2017
The beauty of diversity; Celebrating the dignity of every tribe, tongue and nation 0:20:31 07/11/2017
How singles can contribute to a marriage culture 0:06:47 06/20/2017
How can churches engage the public square without compromising the gospel? 0:19:55 06/13/2017
Growing Great Commission marriages 0:21:15 06/06/2017
Shepherding the flock: Pastoral ministry and cultural engagement 0:31:34 05/23/2017
Millennials and cultural engagement 0:41:25 05/16/2017
A gospel-centered assessment of gender identity, transgender, and polygamy 0:42:24 05/09/2017
Oneness Embraced: Racial Reconciliation, the Kingdom, and Justice 0:43:34 05/02/2017
How the gospel shapes the sanctity of life 0:37:16 04/25/2017
State of the art: How the gospel shapes our engagement with the arts 0:30:28 04/18/2017
God, guys, and girls: Pursuing sexual purity in a porn culture 0:18:21 04/11/2017
For the City: Race, urban ministry, and cultural engagement 0:17:18 04/04/2017
Sports and cultural engagement 0:47:01 03/28/2017
Sexuality, religious liberty and cultural engagement 0:42:56 03/21/2017
Marching for life: Why we need evangelicals in the pro-life movement 0:10:11 03/14/2017
The image of God and racial reconciliation: A biblical theology of kingdom diversity 0:43:27 03/07/2017
Aftermath: Ministering in a post-marriage culture 0:43:45 02/28/2017
Finding forgiveness after abortion 0:14:03 02/21/2017
Right color, wrong culture: Pursuing multi-ethnic cultural engagement 0:35:57 02/07/2017
Good faith: Being a Christian when society thinks you’re irrelevant and extreme 0:16:36 01/31/2017
The pro-life generation: Millennials and the sanctity of life 0:46:49 01/24/2017
Looks like Heaven: How churches can partner for kingdom diversity 0:20:24 01/17/2017
Wait no more: Adoption, foster care, and the sanctity of life 0:18:27 01/10/2017
The cost of following Christ: One man’s journey from Islam to Christianity 0:27:18 01/03/2017
Building healthy marriages 0:15:30 12/27/2016
Cain, Abel, and Kanye: The gospel and pop culture 0:16:02 12/20/2016
Gathered at the throne: Racial reconciliation in the kingdom of Christ 0:34:13 12/13/2016
The Good Life: Christian hip hop and cultural engagement 0:19:23 12/06/2016
Pop culture and racial reconciliation: Hip-hop, sports, and everyday life 0:43:49 11/29/2016
Making disciples who engage culture 0:23:06 11/22/2016
Jesus loves the little children: Connecting the sanctity of life and the Great Commission 0:34:13 11/15/2016
Every square inch: How cultural engagement intersects with everyday life 0:37:10 11/08/2016
Unbuckling the Bible Belt: Cultural engagement in the capital of cultural Christianity 0:53:27 11/01/2016
Focusing on the Family: Why being pro-family includes being pro-life 0:29:04 10/25/2016
The stories we tell: How TV and movie long for and echo the truth 0:16:03 10/18/2016
The pastor and politics 0:39:31 10/11/2016
How does the gospel equip Christians who struggle with same-sex attraction? 0:15:59 10/06/2016
United: Captured by God’s vision for diversity 0:16:51 09/27/2016
End it: The power of the gospel to address the crisis of human trafficking 0:23:09 09/20/2016
Is it okay to be gay? A candid conversation on Christians and same-sex attraction 0:42:48 09/13/2016
2016 ERLC National Conference recap 0:25:37 09/06/2016
Black, and white, and red all over: Why racial reconciliation is a gospel issue 0:52:12 08/30/2016
Better together: Marriage and the common good 0:32:48 08/23/2016
Dignity and destiny: Women and abortion in the 21st century 0:33:46 08/16/2016
Out of a far country: A gay son’s journey to God 0:22:40 08/09/2016
The future of the pro-life movement 0:43:00 08/02/2016
Shaping a whole-life, pro-life perspective 0:35:15 07/26/2016
ERLC Podcast: Calling the next generation to racial reconciliation 0:28:58 07/19/2016
ERLC Podcast: The evangelical voice in the public square 0:37:22 07/12/2016
ERLC Podcast: Practical steps for ministering to those who struggle with same-sex attraction 0:23:23 07/05/2016
E7: The state of evangelical politics 0:43:46 06/28/2016
E6: Preaching like Jesus to the LGBT community and its supporters 0:49:37 06/21/2016
E5: How the gospel reshapes evangelical political engagement 0:42:24 06/14/2016
E4: Secret Thoughts Of An Unlikely Convert 0:41:43 06/07/2016
E3: How Singleness and Marriage Connect to the Great Commission 0:49:53 05/31/2016
E2: Speaking with Grace and Truth in the Public Square 0:15:44 05/24/2016
E1: Dr. Moore’s ERLC Inauguration Address 0:22:58 05/16/2016