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Latest Episodes

Name Time Released
Learning to Love America Again, and The Secret to Being a Happy Wife 0:55:00 07/04/2020
Overcoming the Obstacles of Cerebral Palsy 0:56:30 06/27/2020
Honoring Dad's Impact on My Life and Confronting Others With Grace 0:56:30 06/20/2020
Controlling Anger So It Doesn't Control You 0:56:29 06/13/2020
Creating Summer Memories With Your Kids, and Taking Positive Steps in Your Marriage 0:56:29 06/06/2020
Kids: You Gotta Love 'Em, and Ideas for Simple and Budget-Friendly Meals at Home 0:55:29 05/30/2020
Creative Date Ideas for You and Your Spouse, and Helping Your Child Develop a Resilient Faith in Uncertain Times 0:55:29 05/16/2020
New Hope for Moms Who Won't Give Up, and Growing Closer to Your Spouse When Money is Tight 0:55:14 05/09/2020
Giving and Receiving God's Grace, and The Best Choices You Can Make for Your Marriage 0:54:59 05/02/2020
Trusting God When We Don't Understand His Ways 0:55:49 04/25/2020
Good Friday: A Roman's Perspective, and Showing Love in Everyday Relationships 0:55:51 04/11/2020
Trusting God in Worrisome Times 0:54:59 03/28/2020
Responding to the Coronavirus With Faith and Common Sense, and Growing Closer Through Family Devotions 0:55:00 03/21/2020
Championing Your Son Through His Battles, and Raising Courageous Daughters 0:54:59 03/14/2020
Parenting the Heart of Your Teen, and Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Home 0:55:01 03/07/2020
Bringing Laughter to Your Marriage, and Embracing Your Imperfections as a Parent 0:55:00 02/29/2020
Becoming Messengers for Life 0:54:59 02/22/2020
Are Your Five Core Needs Being Met? 0:54:58 02/15/2020
Cherishing the Differences in Your Spouse, and Rocking Your Grandparenting Years 0:54:59 02/08/2020
Answering Your Kids' Tough Faith Questions, and A Lighthearted Look at Wedded Bliss 0:54:59 02/01/2020
My Journey to Salvation 0:54:59 01/18/2020
Honoring Preborn Life in 2020, and Homemade Meals for Busy Families 0:54:59 01/11/2020
Trusting God With Your Adult Child, and How to Raise Strong Believers 0:54:59 01/04/2020
Growing Your Marriage in Times of Stress 0:55:00 12/28/2019
Seeing the Value of Every Person, and Are You a Good Listener 0:54:59 12/14/2019
Understanding Our Mission in the Culture, and Understanding the Two Different Sides of Love 0:54:59 12/07/2019
Growing Your Marriage in Times of Stress (Part 2 of 2) 0:27:16 12/04/2019
Growing Your Marriage in Times of Stress (Part 1 of 2) 0:27:12 12/03/2019
Seeing the Value of Every Person 0:30:50 12/02/2019
Guiding Your Child's Media Choices 0:55:00 11/30/2019
Are You a Good Listener? 0:27:13 11/25/2019
Getting Organized for Christmas, and Overcoming Envy 0:55:00 11/23/2019
Understanding the Two Different Sides of Love 0:27:27 11/22/2019
You Can Have a Healthy Family (Even if Yours Wasn't) 0:27:44 11/21/2019
Preparing Teens to Bring Peace to Their Chaotic World, and Walking Through Life's Valleys 0:54:59 11/09/2019
God Used Our Friends and Family to Save Our Marriage 0:54:59 11/02/2019
Rethinking Your Parenting Strategies 0:54:59 10/26/2019
Flourishing in Your Marriage 0:55:00 10/19/2019
Preparing Your Kids for the Teen Years 0:55:00 10/12/2019
Examining Your Part in a Difficult Marriage 0:54:59 10/05/2019
What We Believe 0:55:00 09/28/2019
Can We Talk? Communication Advice for Husbands and Wives 0:55:00 09/14/2019
Radically Rediscovering Salvation 0:54:59 09/07/2019
Following God's Pace Instead of Your Own, and Avoiding a Midlife Crisis 0:55:00 08/31/2019
Discovering the Best Ways to Educate Your Child 0:55:00 08/24/2019
Redeeming a Marriage and Childhood Wounds, and Confronting Others With Grace 0:55:06 08/17/2019
Rising to the Challenge of Parenting 0:54:59 08/03/2019
Understanding Your Triggers for More Peaceful Parenting 0:54:59 07/27/2019
Responding Well in Marital Conflict 0:54:59 07/20/2019
Fun Ways to Instill Virtues in Your Children 0:54:59 07/13/2019
Raising Boys to be Godly Young Men 0:54:59 07/06/2019
Grasping the Power of Forgiveness 0:54:59 06/29/2019
Navigating the Challenges Teens Face 0:54:59 06/22/2019
Honoring Dad's Impact on My Life, and Embracing God's Purpose for Your Marriage 0:54:59 06/15/2019
Finding Your Path in Life 0:54:59 06/08/2019
Practical Advice for Those Getting Ready to Wed 0:54:58 06/01/2019
Setting Healthy Boundaries with Your Kids 0:54:59 05/25/2019
What You Can Learn From the Bible's Couples 0:54:58 05/18/2019
What You Need to be a Happier Mom 0:54:58 05/11/2019
How Abortion Impacts Men, and The Sheep-Like Qualities of a Disciple 0:54:58 05/04/2019
Training Sons to be Confident, Capable Men, and Connecting Spiritually With Your Spouse 0:54:59 04/27/2019
Understanding the Importance of Easter in New Ways 0:55:00 04/20/2019
Abortion Survivors Tell Their Stories 0:55:00 04/13/2019
Finding Hope for Your Desperate Marriage 0:55:00 04/06/2019
How to Help Your Angry Child, and Taming Your Child's Tongue 0:55:00 03/30/2019
Making Peace With Unfulfilled Dreams, and Transforming Your Relationship With Your In-Laws 0:55:00 03/23/2019
Motivating Kids to Reflect the Character of God 0:00:00 03/16/2019
Seeing the Value of Every Person, and Stepping Up to Defend Life 0:54:58 03/09/2019
Helping Your Daughter Become a Confident Woman 0:54:59 03/02/2019
A Mother's Influence on Her Son 0:54:59 02/23/2019
Protecting Babies at Every Stage of Life, and Valuing a Marriage in a Culture That Doesn't 0:54:58 02/16/2019
Making Daily Choices to Love Your Spouse 0:54:59 02/09/2019
Hope for Women Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy 0:54:59 02/02/2019
Unplugging Yourself to Connect With Others, and When Darkness Falls 0:55:01 01/26/2019
Affair-Proof Your Marriage 0:55:00 12/29/2018
Embracing the Reality of Christmas, and Embracing Childlike Faith as a Mom 0:54:59 12/22/2018
Expressing Pro-Life Views in Winsome Ways 0:55:00 12/15/2018
Relishing the Christmas Season, and Healing Our Hurting Marriage 0:55:00 12/08/2018
Reducing Drama in Your Relationships 0:55:00 12/01/2018
Finding Strength in the Midst of Disappointment 0:54:59 11/24/2018
Combating Bullies in Your Child's Life 0:54:59 11/17/2018
Understanding How Your Teen Thinks 0:55:00 11/03/2018
Raising Daughters in God's Wisdom, and Evangelism: It's Easier Than You Think 0:54:59 10/27/2018
Tackling Midlife Transitions in Marriage 0:54:59 10/20/2018
How to Positively Influence Your Husband 0:55:00 10/13/2018
Leading Your Child Through Emotional Milestones 0:54:59 10/06/2018
Being God's Light in the World, and Being Faithful to Jesus in the World 0:55:00 09/22/2018
Supporting Your Kids When Life is Tough 0:55:01 09/15/2018
Finding Happiness in God 0:55:00 09/08/2018
Speaking Your Teen's Love Language 0:55:00 09/01/2018
Cultivating a Healthy Life as a Single 0:55:00 08/25/2018
Becoming a Wholehearted Wife 0:54:59 08/11/2018
Raising Kids With a Kingdom Perspective 0:55:00 08/04/2018
Saving Your Marriage From Divorce 0:55:00 07/28/2018
Engaging Hearts and Minds in a Broken Culture, and Finding Fun Ways to Praise God as a Family 0:00:00 07/21/2018
Nurturing Your Child's Personality 0:54:58 07/14/2018
Making Your Marriage Happy Now and Later 0:55:00 07/07/2018
Rebuilding a Stronger Marriage, and Letting Go of Offenses 0:55:00 06/30/2018
Interfacing With Your Child Beyond the Screen 0:54:59 06/23/2018
Thriving in Your Role as a Dad, and Seeing the Fruits of a Dad's Faithful Prayers 0:55:00 06/16/2018
How Your Birth Order Affects Your Parenting, and Accepting Your Imperfect Life 0:00:00 06/09/2018
Launching Young Adults Financially, and Being Shaped by God's Grace in the Midst of Addiction 0:55:00 06/02/2018
Making Your Kitchen the Heart of Your New Marriage, and Disciplining Your Kids With Grace 0:54:59 05/26/2018
Trusting God When the Unthinkable Happens 0:55:01 05/19/2018
Harnessing the Power of Word Pictures, and Becoming a Gospel-Driven Mom 0:55:00 05/12/2018
Thriving as a Single Parent, and From Prodigal to Pastor 0:55:00 05/05/2018
Discovering Your Money Type 0:55:00 04/28/2018
Drawing Closer to God and Each Other 0:55:00 04/21/2018
Joyfully Embracing God's Children 0:54:57 04/07/2018
Choose You This Day 0:54:59 03/31/2018
Trusting God Through the Messiness of Life 0:55:01 03/24/2018
Helping Teen Girls Love Their Families Well 0:54:59 03/17/2018
Moving From Loneliness to Intimacy in Your Marriage 0:54:59 03/03/2018
Empowering Your Family Through Love and Respect 0:54:59 02/24/2018
Becoming a Clutter-Free Family, and Releasing People-Pleasing, Accepting Jesus 0:55:00 02/17/2018
Finding Strength in God's Blessings 0:55:00 01/27/2018
Equipping Your Kids to Handle Money 0:55:00 01/20/2018
Growing Closer Through Family Devotions, and Having Fun in Your Marriage 0:55:00 01/13/2018
Women Who Welcomed the Birth of Jesus, and Finding True Joy at Christmas 0:54:59 12/23/2017
Building Up Your Husband, and Living With Authenticity 0:55:00 12/09/2017
Raising Kids of Character 0:55:00 12/02/2017
Hidden Gems and Teaching Kids About Christmas 0:55:00 11/25/2017
A Fresh Look at Dating 0:55:00 11/18/2017
Loving Your Spouse in the Midst of Parenthood, and Serving My Country, Loving My Neighbor 0:55:00 11/11/2017
Better Ways to Communicate With Your Children 0:55:00 11/04/2017
How Mentoring Saved Our Marriage 0:55:00 10/28/2017
Forging a Path to Racial Reconciliation 0:55:01 10/21/2017
How Martin Luther Changed the World 0:55:00 10/14/2017
Following Jesus Through the Seas 0:55:00 10/07/2017
25 Years and Still in Love 0:55:00 09/30/2017
Helping Men Prepare for Fatherhood, and Obeying God's Call to Rescue Orphans 0:55:00 09/23/2017
Raising Sons to be Honorable Men 0:55:00 09/16/2017
Holding on to Hope During Separation 0:55:00 09/02/2017
Godly Wisdom for Leading Your Family 0:55:00 08/26/2017
Making Healthy Financial Choices for Life 0:55:00 08/19/2017
Discovering Your Child's Learning Style 0:55:00 08/12/2017
Assuring Moms in Their Parenting Journey 0:55:00 08/05/2017
Sharing God's Gift of Laughter Through Life's Tragedies 0:55:00 07/29/2017
Bringing Hope and Healing Through Rescued Horses 0:55:00 07/22/2017
Establishing Good Communication in Your Marriage 0:55:00 07/15/2017
Embracing the Messiness of Parenting 0:55:00 07/08/2017
Authentic Christianity: Counting the Cost 0:55:00 07/01/2017
The Importance of Leaving and Cleaving + Developing Godly Character in Your Child 0:55:00 06/24/2017
Encouraging Dads to be Heroes 0:55:00 06/17/2017
Understanding Your Teen's Behavior 0:55:00 06/10/2017
God Uses Cracked Pots 0:55:00 06/03/2017
Embracing Imperfections in Your Marriage 0:55:00 05/27/2017
Managing Emotions in Your Marriage 0:55:00 05/20/2017
Uncovering Your Mom Personality 0:55:00 05/13/2017
Being a Champion to Your Grandkids + Living With Authenticity 0:28:30 05/06/2017
Conveying God's Love Through Discipline 0:55:00 04/29/2017
Finding Unexpected Blessings in Marriage 0:55:00 04/22/2017
Reasons to Believe in Jesus 0:55:00 04/15/2017
Loving and Leading Your Strong Woman 0:27:59 04/01/2017
Teacher of the Year 0:55:00 03/25/2017
Practical Advice for New Parents 0:55:00 03/20/2017
Discovering God's Grace Behind Bars 0:54:58 03/11/2017