Paul Washer Podcast

Brother Washer is the founder of Heart Cry Missionary society that funds and supports indigenous missionaries all across the world. He served as a missionary personally in Peru for many years. He has a passion for the glory of God and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Latest Episodes

Name Time Released
Clip: The Lord's Hammer Is Very Hard 0:02:39 12/31/2019
Clip: The Two Things I Pray For! 0:01:20 12/30/2019
The Heart of Christ in Prayer, Thy Kingdom Come! 0:49:03 12/24/2019
With Christ in the School of Prayer 0:54:26 12/24/2019
Q&A - Salvation, Family, Marriage and Courting 0:49:58 12/19/2019
What It Mean To Be Meek? 0:30:52 11/06/2019
Give Thanks In Everything 0:40:35 11/05/2019
Die to Self 0:22:03 11/02/2019
Love Not The World 0:07:13 10/24/2019
Teaching Young Leaders 2 0:35:06 10/11/2019
Teaching Young Leaders 1:13:51 10/10/2019
Win The Heart of Your Child 0:54:06 10/03/2019
Interview - God in Barcelona 0:43:56 09/23/2019
Interview - God in Eurasia 0:20:40 09/19/2019
My Trip to Italy 0:33:36 09/12/2019
Interview in England 1:27:35 09/10/2019
Loving God 0:20:53 09/04/2019
Update on Eastern Europe 0:35:39 08/29/2019
(The Glory of God) in Moral Purity by Paul Washer 1:18:15 05/12/2017
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 by Paul Washer 0:56:56 05/11/2017
1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 by Paul Washer 1:00:25 05/06/2017
An Unchanging Scandalous Gospel by Paul Washer 1:06:49 05/05/2017
(True Disciple Conference) The Greatness of the Gospel by Paul Washer 0:50:08 04/20/2017
Being What You Are - Romans 6 and Regeneration by Paul Washer 0:00:20 04/17/2017
Ministering to the Lord by Paul Washer 1:11:00 04/17/2017
Be a Man (At Home and At Church) by Paul Washer 0:51:53 04/16/2017
As You Go, Make Disciples by Paul Washer 1:19:19 04/14/2017
Are You Ready for a Relationship? by Paul Washer 1:22:33 04/13/2017
1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 by Paul Washer 0:53:29 04/11/2017
(The Glory of God) in Motivation by Paul Washer 1:04:50 04/07/2017
(True Disciple Conference) We Have Forgotten that the Way is Narrow by Paul Washer 1:08:41 04/05/2017