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Latest Episodes

Name Time Released
COVID Will Change Christian Summer Camp Forever 0:55:49 08/05/2020
When John MacArthur Reopens His Church Despite COVID-19 Orders 0:52:34 07/29/2020
J.I. Packer’s Mission Field: the United States 0:54:08 07/22/2020
Your Fellow Christians Don't Share Your Theological Convictions. Now What? 0:47:41 07/15/2020
Quick to Listen - Trailer 0:01:49 07/09/2020
Why Christians Have a Reputation for Smashing Statues 0:50:05 07/08/2020
Have Pro-Lifers Lost the Supreme Court Fight? 0:46:20 07/01/2020
How Navajo Christians Are Trying to Serve Their Community During a Pandemic 0:44:04 06/24/2020
Where China’s Crackdown Leaves the Hong Kong Church 0:40:43 06/17/2020
Where the Black Church Is in the Black Lives Matter Movement 0:54:43 06/10/2020
Why White Evangelicals Love Police More than Their Neighbors 0:56:22 06/03/2020
Churches Are Reopening. That Doesn’t Mean Singing's Back. 0:52:12 05/27/2020
Prayer amid Pandemic: "All Shall Be Well," She Wrote. But There's More to the Story. 0:21:20 05/22/2020
What the Bible Says About QAnon 0:53:03 05/20/2020
What Ahmaud Arbery’s Death Recalls About Lynching and Church History 0:51:31 05/13/2020
What Shocks Russell Moore About Covid Church-State Disputes 0:53:47 05/06/2020
Should Christians ‘Believe in Science’ in the Midst of a Pandemic? 0:55:10 04/29/2020
Should Al Mohler’s Vote for Trump Surprise Us? 1:03:13 04/22/2020
A Major Christian School Just Shut Down Its Biblical Archeology Program 0:32:52 04/15/2020
Can Urban Churches Survive a Pandemic? 0:44:29 04/08/2020
Did He Who Made the Lamb Make ‘Tiger King’? 0:51:20 04/01/2020
Introducing: Prayer amid Pandemic 0:01:24 03/25/2020
What This Livestream Moment Means for the Church 0:47:05 03/25/2020
Christians Responded to Contagious Diseases with Compassion 0:52:14 03/18/2020
Historically White Christian Ministries Now Have Korean American Male Leaders 1:00:24 03/11/2020
Do Democrats Want to Reach Christians? 0:52:38 03/02/2020
Reeling from the Jean Vanier Abuse Allegations? 1:03:24 02/26/2020
Five Years Ago, ISIS Executed 21 Christians on a Libyan Beach 0:48:39 02/19/2020
Why Steve Timmis Was Accused of ‘Spiritual Abuse’ 0:45:57 02/13/2020
What Bethany’s International Adoption Halt Means for Orphans Around the World 0:45:47 02/05/2020
Prayer in the Time of Coronavirus 0:51:19 01/29/2020
What This Aboriginal Christian Wants to Tell the Church About the Australia Fires 0:49:27 01/22/2020
Can the Church Lead on Race Relations? Atlanta Christians Think So. 0:55:20 01/15/2020
Introducing Christianity Today’s New Editor in Chief 0:49:13 01/08/2020
This New Year, Resolve Not to Forget God 0:43:03 01/02/2020
What Lee Strobel Wants Christians to Know About Praying for Resurrections 0:56:20 12/20/2019
Christian Sex Ed in an Age of Ubiquitous Porn 0:53:27 12/18/2019
Don’t Remember Reinhard Bonnke for His Crowd Sizes 0:42:06 12/11/2019
Wayne Grudem Tells Us Why He Changed His Divorce Position 0:47:42 12/04/2019
What to Understand about Christianity’s Decline in America 0:52:56 11/27/2019
The Palestinian Priest Welcoming Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Jordan 0:39:40 11/20/2019
Pentecostals and the President 0:45:40 11/13/2019
When Christian Ministries Ask Their Ex-Employees Not to Talk 0:46:25 11/06/2019
Kanye West's Long, Complicated Relationship with Christianity 1:06:41 10/30/2019
John MacArthur Is No Stranger to Controversy 0:52:57 10/23/2019
Trump's Withdrawal from Syria Threatens the Growing Kurdish Church 0:50:35 10/16/2019
Catholic Leaders Are Discussing Married Priests, Female Church Leadership, and Climate Change 0:47:45 10/09/2019
Lecrae Got Baptized Again. Here's Why People Were Upset 0:48:28 10/02/2019
Does Evangelism Belong at Chicago’s Top Tourist Attraction? 0:50:29 09/25/2019
So, What's an Evangelical? 0:51:00 09/18/2019
Benny Hinn's Prosperity Gospel Message Started Here 0:50:04 09/11/2019
What 1619 Means for Christian History 0:51:21 09/05/2019
Another Denomination Changes Its End Times Doctrine 0:41:28 08/28/2019
Coming Next Week: Living and Effective, Season 2 0:07:40 08/23/2019
A Christian Satirist Talks The Babylon Bee 0:52:35 08/21/2019
The Limits of Pentecostal Women Leaders 0:49:21 08/14/2019
What Mass Shootings Mean for Loners and Youth Ministry 1:00:39 08/07/2019
Responding to Josh Harris's Announcement: When Loved Ones and Public Figures Leave the Faith 0:53:47 07/31/2019
Responding to Josh Harris's Announcement 0:53:47 07/31/2019
They Tried to Kill Me for My Christian Faith. So I Fled. 0:51:32 07/25/2019
Should You Pass Your Church to Your Son (or Daughter)? 0:45:33 07/17/2019
Are Our Ordination Controversies Unique? 0:45:16 07/10/2019
Here’s What Makes the ‘First-Century Mark’ Saga Complicated 0:57:48 07/04/2019
How a US-China Trade War Threatens Christian Publishing 0:50:09 06/26/2019
African and West Indian Christians Are Changing the UK Church 0:47:02 06/19/2019
Beth Moore Is Speaking Up 0:46:53 06/12/2019
This Pastor Criticized Trump When Pence Visited His Church 0:45:57 06/05/2019
The Christian Backstory of Hong Kong’s Anti-Government Protests 0:50:03 05/30/2019
India Is Not Protecting Its Christians 0:51:20 05/22/2019
Jean Vanier’s Faith Convicts All of Us 0:52:38 05/15/2019
How Christians Can Reach Muslims During Ramadan 0:49:27 05/08/2019
France Loves Notre Dame. Do They Still Believe the Faith That Inspired It? 1:03:40 05/01/2019
The Easter Attacks Are a Turning Point for Sri Lanka's Christians 0:53:12 04/24/2019
Valuing Women of Color at Christian Conferences 1:13:31 04/17/2019
When the Government Bans Chaplains from Execution Chambers 0:55:06 04/10/2019
Christians Are on All Sides of the Immigration Debate 0:51:24 04/03/2019
The Christian Bookstore Chain Is Dead. What Comes Next? 0:55:07 03/27/2019
Retirement for Those Who Can’t 0:48:58 03/20/2019
Our Venezuelan Brothers and Sisters in Christ Are Suffering 0:47:38 03/13/2019
How Christian Art Historically Depicts Women and Their Bodies 0:52:12 03/06/2019
Methodism’s Global Reach Has Changed the Denomination 0:41:09 02/27/2019
Introducing: The Way to Glory 0:01:59 02/21/2019
The Struggle to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ in Public 0:54:34 02/20/2019
No, Millennials Aren't Killing Evangelism 0:57:08 02/13/2019
How This Dutch Congregation Pulled Off a 96-Day Service 0:49:57 02/06/2019
Why Islamist Terrorists Attacked Christians in the Philippines 0:55:08 01/30/2019
The Hebrew Israelites in That March for Life Viral Video, Explained 0:54:01 01/24/2019
No Sign Language in the World Has Its Own Bible Translation 0:39:12 01/16/2019
The Schism Dividing the Orthodox Church 0:45:11 01/09/2019
This New Year, Build Character 0:37:55 01/03/2019
It's Not Just a Blue Christmas. We're Lonely. 0:53:11 12/26/2018
Not Just Asia Bibi: Pakistan’s Very Vulnerable Christians 0:54:22 12/19/2018
The History of the Fundamentalists Facing a Massive Abuse Scandal 0:48:46 12/12/2018
The Hard Truth About Pastors' Pay 0:58:49 12/05/2018
What John Allen Chau's Missions Agency Wants You to Know 0:40:28 11/28/2018
How Christians Can Partner with Muslims on Religious Freedom 0:41:20 11/21/2018
This 'Religious War' Isn't Religious 0:33:23 11/14/2018
Why Latino Evangelicals Voted for Trump 0:57:46 11/07/2018
Why Latino Evangelicals Vote Beyond Immigration 0:57:46 11/07/2018
What to Make of James MacDonald Suing Julie Roys 0:52:01 10/31/2018
Iraqi Christians Waited Years for American Funds. Is Now Too Late? 0:56:25 10/24/2018
Climate Change Divides the US Church. It Unites the Global One. 0:44:22 10/17/2018
Should Christians Trust Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince’s Promises of Reform? 0:48:17 10/11/2018
What Tim Keller Wants American Christians to Know About Politics 1:00:32 10/03/2018
Maria Devastated Puerto Rico. It Didn’t Destroy the Church. 0:32:01 09/26/2018
Just 23 Iranian and Iraqis Refugees Have Come to America This Year 0:52:28 09/20/2018
John MacArthur's ‘Statement on Social Justice’ Is Aggravating Evangelicals 1:00:47 09/12/2018
A Bill Banning Reparative Therapy Spurred an Unlikely Relationship 0:39:38 09/06/2018
What Evangelicals Need to Know about the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal 0:54:31 08/29/2018
The Church Doesn't Get Men. Can It Learn from Non-Christians Who Do? 0:55:16 08/22/2018
Pastoring in Charlottesville After the Protests 0:50:05 08/15/2018
The Bill Hybels News Isn't Just Another Pastor Sex Scandal 0:43:42 08/08/2018
The Other Family Separation at the Border: Canadian and US Evangelicals 0:45:20 08/02/2018
Surprise! A Conference for Gay Christians Has Sparked Controversy 0:40:06 07/26/2018
Do Church Plants Drive Neighborhood Change? 0:59:34 07/18/2018
What a Conservative Court Means for Christian Unity 0:50:19 07/11/2018
Brazilian Soccer's Evangelical Embrace Mirrors Its Nation’s 0:45:34 07/05/2018
How Charles Taylor Helps Us Understand Our Secular Age 0:45:40 06/27/2018
Between Border Control and Immigrant Families 0:39:58 06/20/2018
Standing Between Border Control and Immigrant Families 0:39:58 06/20/2018
What South Korean Christians Want for North Korea 0:38:52 06/13/2018
If Religious Liberty and LGBT Activists Want to Move Forward, the Courts Won’t Help 0:40:55 06/06/2018
What Are Christians to Make of Jordan Peterson? 0:49:18 05/30/2018
Are Southern Baptists Experiencing a #MeToo Moment? 0:58:22 05/25/2018
Nigerian Christians Are Exhausted From the Terror. Will They Fight Back? 0:57:16 05/23/2018
Rwanda Is 95 Percent Christian. So Why Is It Shutting Down Thousands of Churches? 0:45:36 05/16/2018
Why Turkey Is Accusing an American Pastor of Terrorism 0:46:20 05/09/2018
What the Bible Says about Abuse Within Marriage 0:56:07 05/02/2018
Sit With Your Family at Church—But Maybe Not Your Spouse 0:48:27 04/25/2018
About That Evangelical Summit in Wheaton This Week 0:38:29 04/19/2018
Good News for Christians Battling US Sex Trafficking 0:39:47 04/11/2018
What Changed for Evangelicals When MLK Was Killed 1:18:03 04/04/2018
When You Hear Sexual Misconduct Allegations About Your Pastor 0:45:28 03/28/2018
On Being an Evangelical Senator During the Trump Presidency 0:51:50 03/21/2018
Muslim Refugees Are Finding Christ—And Facing Backlash 0:47:10 03/14/2018
China Just Made Life Way Harder for Christians 0:42:58 03/07/2018
Newsweek’s ‘Second Coming Christ’ Problem 0:48:43 03/01/2018
A Billy Graham Biographer Tells All! 0:37:15 02/22/2018
What Made Mental Illness a ‘Sin’? Paganism 0:41:30 02/15/2018
‘Muscular Christianity’ Influenced the Creation of the Modern Olympics 0:45:53 02/08/2018
Why the US Believes Global Religious Freedom Is Good Foreign Policy 0:43:54 02/01/2018
Proximity to Poverty’s ‘Destructive Culture’ 0:54:11 01/25/2018
Trump Talk Is Relentless. It’s Not Always Newsworthy. 0:45:38 01/18/2018
How Gang Brutality and US Immigration Policies Threaten El Salvador’s Christians 0:42:10 01/11/2018
What Iranian Christians Want 0:34:32 01/04/2018
Why Christians Fall Prey to Fake News 0:51:41 12/28/2017
When Good Charity Looks Like Giving Out Cash 0:45:23 12/21/2017
Should Christians Care if America’s Embassy Is in Jerusalem? 0:40:32 12/14/2017
Ravi Zacharias and the Case of Christian Credential Inflation 0:36:28 12/07/2017
What the Pope's Myanmar Trip Means for Local Christians 0:45:36 11/30/2017
Q2L’s Listener Appreciation Episode 0:42:51 11/22/2017
When Christians Sexually Harass and Assault 0:46:05 11/16/2017
The Christian History of America's Guns 0:48:41 11/09/2017
Countries That Criminalize Conversion and Evangelism 0:48:46 11/02/2017
The Museum of the Bible May Change Your Relationship with God’s Word 0:42:37 10/26/2017
Supporting the Opposite Gender in the Christian Workplace 0:40:13 10/19/2017
The Significance of Lecrae Leaving White Evangelicalism 0:48:37 10/12/2017
Ministering in a Mass Shooting’s Wake 0:40:47 10/05/2017
What Matt Chandler and Tim Keller’s Churches’ Transitions Mean for the Multisite Movement 0:43:42 09/28/2017
How Football Culture Shapes Christian Colleges 0:45:06 09/21/2017
Why FEMA Should Fund Churches Damaged by Disasters 0:37:44 09/14/2017
Why We Need a Blue-Collar Theology of Work 0:37:37 09/07/2017
When the Saints March into Post-Harvey Houston 0:36:59 08/31/2017
How Christian Colleges Can Help Americans Talk to Each Other 0:37:09 08/24/2017
What the Alt-Right Tells Us about Christianity and Politics 0:35:07 08/17/2017
Why Christian Charities Help Controversial Countries 0:38:00 08/10/2017
How God Works in Spite of Immigration Status 0:39:34 08/04/2017
Christian Hip Hop’s Oldest Argument Is Still Going Strong 0:41:02 07/27/2017
Can Josh Harris Kiss His Book Goodbye? 0:41:36 07/20/2017
UPDATE: Peterson Retracts 0:11:05 07/13/2017
Eugene Peterson's New Message 0:39:39 07/13/2017
Quick to Listen’s Summer Reading Edition 0:39:00 07/06/2017
What Iraqi Christians Want the American Government to Know 0:36:29 06/29/2017
Talking Is Not Going to Change the World 0:36:21 06/22/2017
What Bernie Sanders Revealed about Christian Literacy in the Public Square 0:39:29 06/15/2017
A Guide to Spiritually Survive the Evil of Terrorism 0:37:26 06/08/2017
Yes, Christians Can Love Jesus and Their Muslims Neighbors Honorably 0:43:47 06/01/2017
Why Reinhold Niebuhr Still Haunts American Politics 0:42:46 05/25/2017
Pursuing a Christian Idea of Criminal Justice in the Jeff Sessions Era 0:42:24 05/18/2017
Pastors Frequently Preach Politics. But the IRS Rarely Goes After Them 0:38:14 05/12/2017
A Brief History of the Christian Blogosphere 0:43:44 05/04/2017
Can Christians Affirm Transhumanism? 0:36:38 04/27/2017
Why Orthodoxy Appeals to Hank Hanegraaff and Other Evangelicals 0:42:06 04/20/2017
LIVE: How Should White Evangelicals Respond to President Trump? 0:53:16 04/13/2017
What American Christians Can Learn about Religious Freedom from Russia 0:41:31 03/30/2017
Why Undocumented Immigrants Are Flocking to This Evangelical Church 0:34:15 03/23/2017
The Rise and Struggle of South Korean Missionaries 0:25:34 03/16/2017
Does Your Fasting Have a Point? 0:36:29 03/09/2017
Tim Keller’s 20-Year Plan to Avoid Building a Megachurch 0:33:22 03/02/2017
What Message Is Jack Graham Sending to Russell Moore and Southern Baptists? 0:44:48 02/23/2017
Why Your Denomination Is Segregated 0:37:32 02/16/2017
What Will God Do with Betsy DeVos? 0:47:44 02/09/2017
Why Football Will Never Be America’s New Civil Religion 0:46:38 02/02/2017
Do Pastors Belong on the Trump Inauguration Stage? 0:33:44 01/19/2017
Why Christian Persecution Keeps Rising 0:33:29 01/12/2017
Do Women Fighters Undermine the Bible’s Understanding of Gender? 0:41:43 01/05/2017
The Christianity Today Podcast Crew's Favorite Things 0:28:38 12/29/2016
What Evangelicals Can Love about Mary 0:30:59 12/22/2016
How the Coptic Christian Church Endures 0:38:28 12/15/2016
Are Trump's White Evangelical Supporters Racist? 0:44:16 12/08/2016
How Complementarian Churches Can Support Female Leadership 0:31:18 12/01/2016
How to Redeem Thanksgiving 0:38:55 11/22/2016
Should #NeverTrump and Pro-Trump Evangelicals Reconcile? 0:31:48 11/10/2016
LifeWay's Hatmaker Decision: What Evangelical Institutions Can Learn 0:34:10 11/04/2016
Does America’s History Justify Rigged Election Fears? 0:32:00 10/27/2016
Should Evangelical Intellectuals Despair 'Books and Culture’s' Demise? 0:33:42 10/20/2016
Trump Tape Forces Deeper Conversations on Evangelical Ethics 0:47:15 10/13/2016
Are Our Churches Full of Heretics? 0:36:12 10/06/2016
Katelyn Beaty's Last Show 0:34:23 09/29/2016
Refugees Aren't Skittles. 0:36:39 09/22/2016
Why Crossway Stopped Translating the ESV 0:31:29 09/15/2016
Our Prison Ministries Are Too Small 0:33:05 09/08/2016
Quick to Listen Presents: Katelyn Beaty on The Calling 0:46:11 09/01/2016
Should Filmmaker Nate Parker's Rape Allegations Stay in the Past? 0:38:15 08/25/2016
How Much Should a Christian Olympian Give Up for Gold? 0:36:20 08/19/2016
Is It Time for a Pivot from National Politics? 0:35:36 08/11/2016
In a Trump v. Clinton Election, Should Character Matter? 0:34:29 08/04/2016
The Deep Roots of Our Hillary Hostility 0:45:38 07/28/2016
Obsessed with Pokémon Go? Don't Be Ashamed. 0:32:15 07/21/2016
What Black Christians Need from White Christians Now 0:32:12 07/14/2016
Depression or Spiritual Warfare: What If It’s Both? 0:30:06 07/07/2016
Quick to Listen's Precious Moments Holiday Extravaganza! 0:18:01 07/01/2016
Steph Curry and the Complicated Nature of Christian Sports Fandom 0:39:57 06/23/2016
How Social Media Fails Our Orlando Grief 0:39:43 06/16/2016
Actually Trump, All Americans Bring Their Culture to Their Jobs 0:29:36 06/09/2016
A Dead Gorilla Highlights Zoos' Bigger Problem 0:31:54 06/02/2016
Transgender Confusion Goes beyond Elementary School Bathrooms 0:28:06 05/26/2016
Can We Trust Facebook to Be Fair with Conservative News? 0:28:45 05/19/2016
Thabiti Anyabwile on Why Voting 3rd Party Shouldn’t Ease Your Conscience 0:23:51 05/12/2016
The Lost Hope of 'The Biggest Loser' 0:24:58 05/05/2016
Beyonce's 'Lemonade' as a Redemptive Work with Zakiya Jackson 0:30:28 04/28/2016
Darrin Patrick, Pastors, and Pride with Barnabas Piper 0:31:09 04/21/2016
What Christians Have in Common with LGBT Activists 0:28:45 04/14/2016
'God’s Not Dead' Scratches an Evangelical Itch 0:25:53 04/07/2016
Processing Persecution in Pakistan with advocate of persecuted Christians, K.A. Ellis 0:34:09 03/31/2016
The Flint Water Crisis with Political Science Professor Kevin R. den Dulk 0:27:44 03/23/2016
Christians and Protest with Pastor and Activist Jonathan Brooks 0:22:34 03/18/2016