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SermonIndex is not an attempt by man to build something for God. It began as God gave the burden and only will continue as He is guiding the work being fully trusted. It began by a work of God's Spirit and for His glory: Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD Almighty (Zechariah 4:6). The work and ministry of SermonIndex can be encapsulated in this one word: revival. Concepts such as holiness, purity, christ-likeness, self-denial, and discipleship are hardly the goal of much modern preaching. Thus the main thrust of the speakers and articles on the website encourage us towards a reviving of these missing elements of Christianity.

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Latest Episodes

Name Time Released
The Cost of Discipleship by Art Katz 1:18:42 09/02/2020
The Preparation of the Bride by Aaron Hurstds 0:34:50 05/02/2020
The Preparation of the Bride by Aaron Hurst 0:34:50 05/02/2020
Beware of Detours by Warren Wiersbe 0:37:24 03/02/2020
The Body of Christ and Communion by Francis Chan 0:48:37 01/07/2020
Dangerously Comfortable Christianity by Alan Baker 1:03:05 11/19/2019
Dont Have A Worthless Religion by Jim Cymbala 0:33:33 03/21/2019
What is your Life? by Leonard Ravenhill 1:20:46 03/06/2019
The Holy Spirit and Revival by +Stewart Ruch 0:30:06 02/27/2019
Are You Destroying The Church by Francis Chan 0:35:34 11/21/2018
Epistle to the Ephesians by Ignatius of Antioch 0:17:48 11/19/2018
True Revival Has a Cost by Shane Idleman 0:47:54 10/11/2018
Tragedy of Deflected Aims by William Fitch 0:42:41 10/10/2018
Are We Willing to Drink His Cup? by Leonard Ravenhill 1:13:19 12/11/2017
Blocked and Guided by the Spirit by Jim Cymbala 0:26:00 11/29/2017
Your Keys Please—The Power of the Human Will by Joe Root 1:37:04 11/08/2017
Biblical Nonresistance by Dean Taylor 1:38:38 10/16/2017
Phinehas - Priest of Obedience by Art Katz 1:02:37 10/15/2017
Christ, The True Vine by Paul Washer 0:59:55 09/05/2017
Backsliding by William MacDonald 1:02:31 08/06/2017
Power of True Religion: Power Through Us by J. Glyn Owen 0:51:46 06/08/2017
Satan (1969) by John MacArthur 0:46:53 05/14/2017
The Ideal Church (1969) by John MacArthur 0:44:06 05/05/2017
The Marks of God's Children (1969) by John MacArthur 0:44:53 04/20/2017
A Nation Abandoned by God by John MacArthur 1:02:44 04/19/2017
The Foolishness of the World (1969) by John MacArthur 0:44:58 04/19/2017
The Narrow Road by John MacArthur 0:47:02 04/18/2017
The Theology of Sleep! by John MacArthur 1:02:48 04/18/2017
How to Play Church (1969) by John MacArthur 0:36:42 04/17/2017
Ministering to the Lord by Paul Washer 1:12:31 03/22/2017
Don't Take Away The Job From Jesus by Hans Peter Royer 0:39:45 02/02/2017
The Triumph of God's Glory by Festo Kivengere 0:45:31 12/28/2016
Preparing For Persecution by Don Currin 0:58:27 10/30/2016
The Life Of Brokenness by William MacDonald 0:39:15 09/09/2016
Ichabod: The Glory Departed by Bakht Singh 1:00:27 08/19/2016
Men Marked by the Presence of God by Paul Washer 1:06:52 08/12/2016
Falling Stars - A Message for Preachers by Erlo Stegen 0:59:01 05/18/2016
Recognizing And Dealing With Occult Involvement by Bill McLeod 0:56:36 05/09/2016
The Theocratic Kingdom by Art Katz 1:57:17 04/28/2016
The Gospel of Accommodation by David Wilkerson 0:52:13 04/15/2016
Loving God in the Last Days by Sandeep Poonen 0:40:04 03/25/2016
The Holy Ghost by Leonard Ravenhill 1:10:31 03/09/2016
The Holiness of God by Paul Washer 0:55:22 02/24/2016
No Tears by R. Edward Miller 0:51:55 02/18/2016
The Redeemer is Coming to Zion by David Wilkerson 0:53:10 01/18/2016
Freedom From Denominationalism by Zac Poonen 1:03:43 01/13/2016
He That Comes in the Name of the Lord by Art Katz 0:52:45 11/08/2015
A Call To Repentance by Vance Havner 0:37:22 10/26/2015
They that Love the Lord Shall Be as the Sun by Hans R. Waldvogel 0:31:23 10/15/2015
Kingdom of God is Not in Words by A.W. Tozer 0:31:31 09/02/2015
The Unity of the Church of Christ by Ben Torrey 0:11:42 08/05/2015
Be Filled with the Holy Spirit by Chuck Smith 0:51:47 07/08/2015
God's Word Helps Us Overcome Satan by Zac Poonen 0:14:21 05/18/2015
The Glory of God in Moral Purity by Paul Washer 1:19:46 05/02/2015
Triumphing Over Trials in Christian Life by Zac Poonen 0:58:01 04/19/2015
The Curse Of Pornography by Erlo Stegen 1:20:24 01/05/2015
The Secret Of Paul’s Authority: Paul Was A Bondslave by Zac Poonen 0:46:14 12/20/2014
The Radical Example of Moravian Missions by Denny Kenaston 1:18:32 09/22/2014
One Thing You Lack by Art Katz 1:24:24 09/06/2014
The Biblical Call To Missions by Dick Brogden 0:43:21 08/17/2014
Knowing And Finding The Will of God by Jim Cymbala 0:43:09 08/12/2014
The Mental Agonies Of Hell by Robert Murray M'Cheyne 1:00:14 07/31/2014
Spiritual Warfare And Deception By Jim Cymbala 0:43:40 07/02/2014
A Wake Up Call To Men In The Church By Shane Idleman 0:37:29 06/15/2014
The Famine Has Begun By David Wilkerson 0:48:22 06/07/2014
The Love Of The Truth by Art Katz 1:14:46 05/20/2014
When God Stepped Down From Heaven By Duncan Campbell 1:01:43 05/04/2014
Christ Magnified In Our Bodies By Leonard Ravenhill 0:58:06 02/15/2014
A Bride Adorned For The Bridegroom by Art Katz 1:15:46 02/01/2014
The Grace Of God By T. Austin Sparks 0:23:18 01/10/2014
You Ought Not To Have Left These Things Undone by Dan Biser 0:57:02 12/18/2013
Trusting In Our Own Means Or The Power Of The Holy Spirit by Jim Cymbala 0:20:24 12/06/2013
When The Arrow Is Beyond You By Carter Conlon 0:55:20 11/25/2013
Beware of Ambition by Chuck Smith 0:42:42 10/27/2013
Honouring God In an Impossible Place by Carter Conlon 1:00:28 09/17/2013
The Apostate Church In America The Cappuccino Church by E.A. Johnston 0:23:25 07/08/2013
Revive Us Again by Duncan Campbell 1:07:43 05/17/2013
Lord Let Your Fire Fall! by Edgar Reich 0:34:28 04/30/2013
God is Training A Holy Remnant by David Wilkerson 0:54:38 04/12/2013
The Call For The Church To Leave The Plains Of Sodom And Gomorrah by Steve Hill 0:46:19 04/04/2013
The Church - The Pillar of Truth by Zac Poonen 0:47:22 03/19/2013
A Silent Church Amidst A Sinful Nation by E.A. Johnston 0:16:43 03/06/2013
The Humility Of Christ by Brian Long 0:26:01 01/26/2013
Crazy Christians by Steve Gallagher 0:56:12 01/03/2013
Dependence On The Lord by K.P. Yohannan 0:27:30 12/24/2012
A Call to Those Who Care About the Honor of God by Carter Conlon 0:50:37 12/12/2012
The Approaching Wave of Persecution by Denny Kenaston 1:28:59 10/31/2012
Coming Persecution And The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit by Brian Long 1:11:00 10/08/2012
Heart Talk On Revival by Jim Cymbala 0:36:46 09/18/2012
Jesus Training The Twelve by Bill Mcleod 0:37:19 06/29/2012
The People Used by God by Chuck Smith 1:02:45 06/19/2012
Are You Ready For the Coming of Jesus by David Wilkerson 1:01:41 06/08/2012
The Holiness of God - Part 2 by A.W. Tozer 0:16:40 05/18/2012
Blessedness of the Unoffended by T. Austin-Sparks 0:34:03 04/26/2012
Do We Really Believe In Hell by K.P. Yohannan 0:25:30 04/10/2012
The Church on Broadway by Steve Gallagher 0:51:04 01/19/2012
His and His Alone by K.P. Yohannan 0:55:30 12/09/2011
The Fear Of The Lord - Malachi's Resurgence by David Ravenhill 0:53:29 10/28/2011
Only One Life Will Soon Be Past by Zac Poonen 0:51:07 08/16/2011
Offer Your Bodies A Living Sacrifice by Paul Washer 0:57:37 08/05/2011
Following Jesus The Straight Gate by Hans R. Waldvogel 0:25:14 06/06/2011
Where is the Fire? by Leonard Ravenhill 1:59:07 05/13/2011
At the Price of God's Own Blood by John Piper 0:29:10 04/21/2011
Studying the Scriptures And Finding Jesus by Albert Mohler 0:57:40 04/13/2011
The Crushing of Christ by Paul Washer 1:34:58 04/06/2011
Turning Carnal Cash Into Kingdom Currency by Glenn Sheppard 0:37:19 03/25/2011
Dont Be Dismayed by Carter Conlon 1:00:52 03/18/2011
Purity In A Wicked Age by David Wilkerson 1:14:56 03/01/2011
The God Who Devastates by Art Katz 0:57:01 02/21/2011
Outside the Camp by David Platt 0:38:35 01/26/2011
Everything is For the Glory of God by Jim Cymbala 0:39:22 01/08/2011
The Spirit Filled Life by Oswald J. Smith 1:20:25 12/22/2010
You Can Fulfill God's Perfect Plan by Zac Poonen 0:56:37 12/12/2010
Run The Race Like Abraham by K.P. Yohannan 0:31:13 12/12/2010
Excellency Of Knowing God by Leonard Ravenhill 1:22:42 09/05/2010
Full Time Ministry by David Wilkerson 0:56:47 08/26/2010
Where Christianity Becomes Profiteering by Zac Poonen 1:00:35 07/26/2010
Dealing With Sin by Charles Price 1:07:17 07/16/2010
The Greatest Sin In The Church by Stephen Olford 0:30:08 06/30/2010
The Breaking Heart Of God by Clayton Dougan 1:05:25 06/11/2010
A Beautiful Mind by Edgar Reich 0:33:52 05/24/2010
Revival Now by Mark Greening 1:13:48 05/12/2010
The Return Of God's Glory by Bill Mcleod 0:52:16 05/09/2010
The Missing Presence of Christ by Rolfe Barnard 0:58:28 03/24/2010
Resurrection Realm by David Wilkerson 1:29:07 03/15/2010
Missionary Commitment by Billy Graham 0:48:04 03/06/2010
Whole Hearted Households by Denny Kenaston 0:43:29 02/18/2010
Why Revival Tarries by George Verwer 0:42:42 02/05/2010
Beginning Of The End by Alan Redpath 0:50:13 01/21/2010
Resist The Devil by Mark Greening 1:03:28 01/15/2010
Making Whole Hearted Disciples by Zac Poonen 1:02:43 12/28/2009
World-Wide Evangelization by K.P. Yohannan 0:47:17 12/23/2009
The Holy Presence Of God by Yorrie Richards 1:33:59 12/13/2009
Gods New Thing by David Legge 0:53:14 12/03/2009
The Power of Travailing Prayer by Mark Greening 1:14:23 10/28/2009
The Power Of Weeping by Michael Youssef 0:22:19 10/19/2009
Watching Joseph Die by Bill Mcleod 1:20:15 10/18/2009
A Message for America and Its Cultural Religion by Carter Conlon 0:55:07 09/20/2009
Judges And Jesters by Scott Hynds 0:33:34 08/26/2009
When God Asks Too Much by William Carrol 0:54:11 08/10/2009
To Live Is Christ by K.P. Yohannan 0:47:24 07/28/2009
The Beauty of Nothing by Richard Wurmbrand 0:38:54 07/12/2009
Remember Lot's Wife by Walid Bitar 0:44:46 07/07/2009
God Uses Foolish Things by Jackie Pullinger 1:11:43 07/05/2009
The Cry From Hell by David Legge 0:36:40 07/01/2009
Worthless Prayer Meeting by Paul Washer 0:34:10 06/21/2009
The Holy Spirit In Revival by Mark Greening 1:07:02 06/12/2009
New Birth: New Experience by J. Glyn Owen 0:45:08 05/19/2009
Does Doctrine Matter by Derek Melton 1:00:16 05/03/2009
Authority Over Demons by Corrie Ten Boom 0:55:02 04/22/2009
Fresh Oil by Jack Hyles 1:09:07 04/11/2009
The Role Of Prayer In Spiritual Awakening by J. Edwin Orr 0:27:25 03/31/2009
Ten Indictments Against The Modern Church by Paul Washer 1:58:06 03/22/2009
The Occult by Bill Mcleod 1:01:02 03/22/2009
The Awful Presence Of God by David Wilkerson 1:03:51 03/08/2009
Steps To Personal Revival by Bill McLeod 0:48:59 02/05/2009
A Grain of Wheat by Major Ian Thomas 0:53:57 01/01/2009
Can We Have Revival by Oswald J. Smith 0:57:46 01/01/2009
The Way Of Cain by Zac Poonen 1:24:44 01/01/2009
The Two Judaims by Art Katz 1:31:11 12/28/2008
The Holy Art of Training Children by Denny Kenaston 0:40:09 02/20/2008
Love With Shoes On by Darrel Champlin 1:19:39 02/20/2008
Do Everything Out Of Love by Arno Stegen 0:48:39 01/31/2008
Humanizing God by Lou Sutera 1:04:38 01/17/2008
Steadying The Ark Of God by Vance Havner 0:31:04 01/03/2008
The Adversary In The Church by Milton Green 1:01:39 01/03/2008
Real Revival by Denny Kenaston 0:54:48 12/08/2007
Reprobates and Trembling Nations by Carter Conlon 0:41:40 11/15/2007
The Danger Of Pharisaisim by Zac Poonen 0:54:42 09/05/2007
Five Principles of Revival by Ian Paisley 0:52:34 08/21/2007
Judgement Day by David Wilkerson 0:52:53 07/16/2007
Man's Petty Kingdom by Art Katz 0:45:17 07/02/2007
God's Bloodhound by Rolfe Barnard 0:47:02 06/02/2007
The Burden of God Brings Brokenness by Gerhard Du Toit 1:27:34 05/21/2007
How To Escape Deception by Zac Poonen 1:05:39 05/21/2007
Others by Denny Kenaston 1:01:11 05/10/2007
Playing At Soldiers by George Verwer 0:51:17 04/20/2007
The Reproach of Christ by Carter Conlon 0:56:25 04/16/2007
Oh, America, America! by Leonard Ravenhill 0:50:28 04/15/2007
A Warning To America by Keith Daniel 1:17:14 03/31/2007
Power of Prayer by William P. Nicholson 0:45:25 03/24/2007
True Discipleship by Zac Poonen 1:36:59 03/08/2007
Reality in the Christian Life by Zac Poonen 1:02:37 03/07/2007
Chosen To Be Holy by Alan Redpath 0:57:30 03/02/2007
That Dreadful Day No One Wants to Talk About by David Wilkerson 0:46:18 02/28/2007
Run For Your Life by Carter Conlon 1:14:32 02/23/2007
Devotions or Devotion by Keith Green 1:01:36 02/23/2007
Another Gospel by David Wilkerson 0:11:45 02/23/2007
Rivers of Living Water by Bill McLeod 0:47:37 02/18/2007
The Anointing of God by Jim Cymbala 0:56:57 02/18/2007
The Heresy Of Cheap Grace by Ernest O'Neill 0:34:11 02/18/2007
Getting Used To The Dark by Vance Havner 0:31:26 02/12/2007
The enemy of the cross by Erlo Stegen 0:59:18 02/12/2007
Pointed Powerful Paralysing Preaching by Willie Mullan 1:03:30 02/12/2007
Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead 0:52:40 02/12/2007
Hell, What Is It Like? by David Wilkerson 0:42:27 02/12/2007
God's Heart For America by Derek Prince 0:59:18 02/06/2007
In The Beginning God Created by Art Katz 1:24:26 01/24/2007
Spiritual Treason by A.W. Tozer 0:23:16 01/16/2007
Christ In Us by Erlo Stegen 0:48:41 12/27/2006
Either Pentecost or Holocaust by Leonard Ravenhill 1:13:31 12/16/2006
The King's Highway by Keith Daniel 2:12:34 12/10/2006
Echoes Of Eternity by John Ridley 0:45:46 11/15/2006
The Reality of the Divine Life by Duncan Campbell 0:49:57 11/01/2006
A Call to Anguish by David Wilkerson 0:56:42 10/27/2006
A Time to Cry by David Legge 0:40:46 10/04/2006
And They Crucified Him by Art Katz 1:10:14 10/04/2006
Believe His Word Powerfully by Don McClure 0:50:34 10/04/2006
Seek My Face by Richard Owen Roberts 1:44:19 10/04/2006
Revival In the Bible by J Vernon McGee 0:35:58 10/04/2006
Regeneration And Self-Denial by Paul Washer 1:10:30 10/04/2006
Personal Testimony by Milton Green 0:59:42 10/04/2006
Judgment Seat of Christ by Leonard Ravenhill 1:21:26 10/04/2006
God's Burden for Zion by George Warnock 1:17:17 10/04/2006
A Burning Heart by Leonard Ravenhill 1:35:10 10/04/2006
Christs Call Follow In My Footsteps by K.P. Yohannan 0:40:25 10/04/2006
The Incandescent Man by Leonard Ravenhill 0:57:34 08/11/2006
Modern American Christianity by Paul Washer 1:05:47 08/11/2006