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Conversation on Church, Community, and Culture

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Latest Episodes

Name Time Released
The Way Home: David Kinnaman on the state of the Church 0:20:11 05/14/2020
The Way Home: Daniel Grothe on wisdom and living well 0:17:30 05/07/2020
The Way Home: Derwin Gray on shepherding his church and ‘Finding True Happiness’ 0:26:55 04/30/2020
The Way Home: Scott James on the unknowns of COVID-19 and how we can pray 0:24:57 04/28/2020
The Way Home: Vance Pitman on being free from the burden of religion 0:29:23 04/23/2020
The Way Home: Keith Getty on family and hymn sings during COVID-19 0:22:41 04/21/2020
The Way Home: Sharon Dirckx on human identity and our minds 0:24:27 04/17/2020
The Way Home: Chap Bettis on ‘Parenting with Patience’ 0:23:22 04/02/2020
The Way Home: Jared Wilson on pastoring and encouragement during COVID-19 0:31:40 03/31/2020
The Way Home: Jeanne Allert on offering hope to victims of human trafficking 0:15:50 03/26/2020
The Way Home: Jesse and Julie Masson on new challenges families face during COVID-19 0:39:26 03/19/2020
The Way Home: Scott Lindsey on the mission and motivation of Faithlife 0:22:16 03/12/2020
The Way Home: Jason Thacker on AI, ethics, and a biblical worldview 0:34:40 03/05/2020
The Way Home: Sam Allberry on sexual ethics 0:30:06 02/27/2020
The Way Home: Courtney Reissig on the Psalms 0:33:13 02/13/2020
The Way Home: Beth Moore on her love for the Bible 0:33:22 02/06/2020
The Way Home: Harold Senkbeil on pastoral ministry and shepherding 0:29:42 01/30/2020
The Way Home: Briana Stensrud on refugees, immigration and human dignity 0:27:57 01/23/2020
The Way Home: Micah Fries on church leadership 0:29:46 01/16/2020
The Way Home: Marvin Olasky on journalism 0:30:53 01/09/2020
The Way Home: Lauren and Michael McAfee on the Bible 0:24:36 01/02/2020
The Way Home: Steve Green on family, leadership, and Hobby Lobby 0:18:07 12/19/2019
The Way Home: Matt Carter on fatherhood, God’s love and finding home 0:20:52 12/12/2019
The Way Home: Alister McGrath on Albert Einstein and his thoughts on God 0:22:58 12/05/2019
The Way Home: Phil Vischer on teaching kids the Bible 0:33:30 11/28/2019
The Way Home: Andrew Peterson on writing and creativity 0:27:58 11/21/2019
The Way Home: Robby Gallaty on addiction, recovery, and salvation 0:36:56 11/14/2019
The Way Home: Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler on Risen Motherhood 0:32:57 11/07/2019
The Way Home: Rankin Wilbourne on how to live everyday in light of the cross 0:26:14 10/31/2019
The Way Home: Luke Goodrich on religious liberty in America 0:23:25 10/24/2019
The Way Home: Gary Thomas on finding freedom from toxic people 0:38:41 10/17/2019
The Way Home: Sarah Mae on forgiving when we’ve been hurt 0:37:55 10/10/2019
The Way Home: Tim Goeglein on faith, family, and personal sacrifice 0:28:08 10/03/2019
The Way Home: Tim Carney on “Alienated America” and the importance of community 0:39:36 09/26/2019
The Way Home: Mary DeMuth on the Church’s response to abuse 0:23:23 09/19/2019
The Way Home: Rachael Denhollander on advocating for abuse survivors 0:39:30 09/12/2019
The Way Home: Chris Fabry on “Overcomer” 0:28:29 09/06/2019
The Way Home: Lee Eclov on viewing the church as family 0:27:12 09/03/2019
The Way Home: Phil Ryken on the Song of Solomon 0:30:04 08/29/2019
The Way Home: Rebecca McLaughlin on “Confronting Christianity” 0:26:17 08/15/2019
The Way Home: Katie Butler on human dignity and end-of-life decisions 0:26:07 08/09/2019
The Way Home: Mark Vroegop on the importance of lament 0:23:32 08/01/2019
The Way Home: Randy Newman on evangelism 0:27:08 07/25/2019
The Way Home: Shannon Bream on journalism and her faith 0:31:52 07/18/2019
The Way Home: Jim Burns on parenting adult children 0:31:47 07/11/2019
The Way Home: Matt Smethurst on reading the Bible 0:18:36 07/04/2019
The Way Home: Catherine Parks on parenting 0:20:25 06/27/2019
The Way Home: Jennifer Greenberg on life after abuse 0:21:32 06/20/2019
The Way Home: Dan DeWitt on apologetics and sharing the gospel with our kids 0:22:33 06/14/2019
The Way Home: Jonathan Pennington on the importance of the Sermon on the Mount 0:30:14 06/06/2019
The Way Home: Rico Tice on evangelism in a post-Christian world 0:30:02 05/30/2019
Brian Fikkert and Kelly Kapic on justice, poverty, and economical development 0:35:00 05/23/2019
Brian Fikkert and Kelly Kapic on justice, poverty, and economic development 0:35:00 05/23/2019
The Way Home: Kara Powell 0:30:12 05/09/2019
The Way Home: Kara Powell on Why “Warm” is the New Cool 0:30:12 05/09/2019
The Way Home: Karen Swallow Prior on How to Read the Classics 0:24:47 05/02/2019
The Way Home: Josh Moody on Biblical Literacy and Why Boasting is Good 0:22:53 04/25/2019
The Way Home: Jon Ward on “Camelot’s End” 0:30:30 04/18/2019
The Way Home: Drew Dyck on decisions your future self will appreciate 0:26:34 04/11/2019
The Way Home: Emily Freeman on making decisions 0:24:27 04/04/2019
The Way Home: Kyle Idleman on not giving up 0:22:50 03/28/2019
The Way Home: Justin Narducci on Lifewater International, clean water, and dignity 0:21:26 03/21/2019
The Way Home: Emma Green on religion, politics, and journalism 0:28:14 03/14/2019
The Way Home: Ashley Hales on ministry in the suburbs 0:28:15 03/07/2019
The Way Home: Dean Inserra on reaching the ‘Unsaved Christian’ 0:21:58 02/18/2019
The Way Home: Raleigh Sadler on trafficking and helping the most vulnerable 0:16:42 01/31/2019
The Way Home: Jonathan Pokluda on what the Bible says about adulting 0:19:27 01/24/2019
The Way Home: Chris Horst on leadership and “Rooting for Rivals” 0:24:46 01/17/2019
The Way Home: Matt McCullough 0:19:45 01/10/2019
The Way Home: Hannah Anderson on discernment and joy 0:33:33 01/03/2019
The Way Home: Michelle Van Loon wandering, insecurity and belonging 0:23:27 12/27/2018
The Way Home: Justin Brierley on skeptics, atheists, and the Christian faith 0:29:20 12/20/2018
The Way Home: Darryl Dash on what it means to grow in Christ 0:23:56 12/13/2018
The Way Home: Josh Newell on The Jesus Film Project 0:13:32 12/06/2018
The Way Home: Hunter Leavine on raising kids to be men and women of God 0:26:53 11/20/2018
The Way Home: Johnny Baker on addiction and God’s grace 0:31:44 11/15/2018
The Way Home: Dave Furman on trials, suffering, and trusting God 0:19:47 11/08/2018
The Way Home: Catherine Parks 0:30:21 11/01/2018
The Way Home: Marty Machowski 0:19:40 10/25/2018
The Way Home: Marty Machowski on family devotions 0:19:40 10/25/2018
The Way Home: John Onwuchekwa on corporate prayer 0:29:33 10/18/2018
The Way Home: Nancy Guthrie on the Bible, theology and teaching our kids to pray 0:35:50 10/11/2018
The Way Home: Josh Chatraw on apologetics in the 21st century 0:31:53 10/04/2018
The Way Home: Craig Groeschel on believing God is good when life is not 0:20:38 09/27/2018
The Way Home: Alan Noble on speaking truth in a distracted age 0:28:48 09/20/2018
The Way Home: Justin Giboney on being pro-life and pro-justice 0:25:12 09/13/2018
Joni Eareckson Tada on dignity and advocating for people with disabilities 0:28:32 09/06/2018
The Way Home: Rick Smith on human dignity and Down syndrome 0:24:12 08/30/2018
The Way Home: John Kilner on the image of God and why people matter 0:33:34 08/23/2018
The Way Home: Mindy Belz on international reporting and humanizing ignored people groups 0:23:43 08/16/2018
The Way Home: Russell Moore on being created in the image of God 0:34:54 08/09/2018
The Way Home: Rich Stearns on human dignity and the Great Commission 0:28:16 08/02/2018
The Way Home: Brandon Smith on how the Old Testament applies today 0:33:05 07/19/2018
The Way Home: Brian Dembowczyk on passing the gospel to the next generation 0:23:18 07/12/2018
The Way Home: Alastair Roberts and Andrew Wilson on salvation and restoration 0:24:46 07/05/2018
The Way Home: Rodney Bullard on the heroes who shaped his life 0:20:05 06/21/2018
The Way Home: Lauren Green McAfee on the heroes who have shaped her life 0:19:30 06/14/2018
The Way Home: Jessalyn Hutto on the pain of miscarriage 0:30:29 06/07/2018
The Way Home: Kyle Mann of the Babylon Bee 0:30:31 05/31/2018
The Way Home: Jason Duesing on hope in an age of cynicism 0:25:23 05/24/2018
The Way Home: Chelsea Patterson Sobolik on infertility 0:39:15 05/17/2018
The Way Home: Pete Scazzero on healthy spiritual leadership 0:30:26 05/10/2018
The Way Home: Jason Thacker on the gospel and technology 0:41:49 05/03/2018
The Way Home: John Stonestreet on what it means to live on mission for God 0:35:36 04/26/2018
The Way Home: Sam Allberry on engaging a secular culture 0:33:17 04/19/2018
The Way Home: Eric Geiger on faith, failing and starting over 0:27:46 04/12/2018
The Way Home: Lee Strobel on sharing the gospel in an increasingly secular world 0:35:24 03/29/2018
The Way Home: Jana Magruder on encouraging kids’ faith 0:32:20 03/22/2018
The Way Home: Michael Kelley on demystifying discipleship 0:30:48 03/15/2018
The Way Home: D.H. Dilbeck on the legacy of Frederick Douglass 0:39:58 03/08/2018
The Way Home: Jenny Yang on being an advocate for refugees and immigrants 0:28:28 03/01/2018
Ann Voskamp, Russell Moore, Jim Daly, and Jenny Yang on what it means to be pro-life 0:33:40 02/22/2018
The Way Home: Ben Watson on caring about pro-life issues and justice issues 0:26:05 02/16/2018
The Way Home: Sen. James Lankford on maintaining spiritual disciplines 0:26:08 02/01/2018
The Way Home: Erik Stanley on defending religious freedom 0:34:30 01/18/2018
The Way Home: Sara Hagerty on cultivating a quiet heart in a noisy world 0:32:22 01/11/2018
The Way Home: Robby Gallaty on the importance of discipleship 0:27:28 01/04/2018
The Way Home: Bob Lepine on marriage and parenting 0:25:49 12/21/2017
The Way Home: Jamie Ivey on image and identity 0:18:30 12/14/2017
The Way Home: Scott James on celebrating the wonder of Christmas 0:24:46 12/07/2017
The Way Home: Marvin Olasky on journalism and the pursuit of truth 0:33:52 12/01/2017
The Way Home: Alistair Begg on Spurgeon, pastoral leadership, and sports 0:20:04 11/16/2017
The Way Home: Kyle David Bennett on spiritual disciplines 0:23:17 11/09/2017
The Way Home: Dean Inserra On Evangelizing the Bible Belt 0:23:52 10/18/2017
The Way Home: Brett McCracken On the Blessed Awkwardness of Church Life 0:35:07 10/06/2017
The Way Home: Jimmy Scroggins on The Changing Nature of Evangelism 0:21:40 09/27/2017
Matt Carter on The Friendship Between Charles Spurgeon and Thomas Johnson 0:18:52 09/21/2017
The Way Home: Christine Hoover on Real Friendships in a Connected World 0:27:43 09/15/2017
The Way Home: Gabe Lyons on Christianity in a secular society 0:30:07 09/07/2017
The Way Home: Max Lucado on living out the gospel in a confusing age 0:20:39 08/31/2017
The Way Home: Andrew Walker on the church’s response to transgenderism 0:33:10 08/17/2017
The Way Home: Thomas Kidd on the faith of Benjamin Franklin 0:34:28 08/10/2017
The Way Home: Kimberlee Norris on protecting children from abuse 0:27:15 08/03/2017
The Way Home: Tony Reinke on how technology is changing us 0:33:19 07/27/2017
The Way Home: Trillia Newbell on discussing difficult issues with her kids 0:20:25 07/20/2017
The Way Home: Chap Bettis on teaching kids about Jesus 0:28:50 07/13/2017
The Way Home: VeggieTales founder Phil Vischer talks parenting 0:27:42 07/06/2017
The Way Home – She Reads Truth 0:22:18 06/29/2017
The Way Home featuring Lisa-Jo Baker 0:17:43 06/22/2017
The Way Home featuring Kate Shellnutt 0:27:24 06/15/2017
The Way Home featuring Andrea Lucado 0:27:33 06/08/2017
The Way Home featuring Dhati Lewis 0:24:39 06/01/2017
The Way Home featuring Jill Waggoner 0:16:14 05/25/2017
The Way Home: Dr. Barry Corey on the future of Christian higher education 0:18:29 05/18/2017
The Way Home featuring Erskin Anavitarte 0:29:56 05/12/2017
The Way Home: Ernie Johnson on sports and what his father taught him 0:30:40 05/04/2017
The Way Home: Bryant Wright on refugees, the SBC, and presidential biographies 0:32:14 04/27/2017
The Way Home featuring Briana Stensrud 0:28:11 04/20/2017
The Way Home: Sally Lloyd-Jones and The Jesus Storybook Bible 0:23:46 04/13/2017
The Way Home featuring Steve Adams 0:29:31 04/06/2017
The Way Home featuring Jim Hamilton 0:26:36 03/30/2017
The Way Home featuring Rich Stearns 0:29:18 03/23/2017
The Way Home featuring Esther Fleece 0:25:32 03/16/2017
The Way Home featuring Trevin Wax 0:35:44 03/09/2017
The Way Home featuring Johnny Hunt 0:27:52 03/02/2017
The Way Home featuring Jamie C. Martin 0:28:44 02/24/2017
The Way Home featuring Brandon Smith 0:22:24 02/17/2017
The Way Home: Michael Wear on serving in the White House 0:22:18 02/03/2017
The Way Home featuring Erik and Catherine Parks 0:39:21 01/26/2017
The Way Home: James K. A. Smith 0:32:55 01/12/2017
The Way Home featuring Ray Ortlund 0:33:41 12/22/2016
The Way Home featuring Nancy Guthrie 0:39:09 12/15/2016
The Way Home featuring Scott Sauls 0:36:11 12/08/2016
The Way Home featuring Bryan Chapell 0:31:18 12/01/2016
The Way Home featuring Leslie Leyland Fields 0:28:05 11/17/2016
The Way Home featuring Jon Ward 0:45:34 11/10/2016
The Way Home featuring Jason Romano 0:22:24 11/03/2016
The Way Home featuring Christian George 0:27:56 10/27/2016
The Way Home featuring Eric Geiger 0:33:42 10/20/2016
The Way Home featuring Jason K. Allen 0:20:13 10/13/2016
The Way Home featuring Candi Cushman 0:21:43 10/04/2016
The Way Home featuring Renne Rizzo 0:08:26 09/29/2016
The Way Home featuring Gary Thomas 0:35:00 09/22/2016
The Way Home: Episode 86 featuring Bruce Ashford 0:09:46 09/15/2016
The Way Home: Episode 85 featuring Joel Smallbone 0:27:39 09/08/2016
The Way Home: Episode 84 featuring Andrew Walker 0:31:27 09/01/2016
The Way Home: Episode 83 featuring Betsy Childs Howard 0:24:32 08/18/2016
The Way Home: Episode 82 featuring Tim Ellsworth 0:23:00 08/11/2016
The Way Home: Episode 81 featuring Heather Nelson 0:23:33 08/04/2016
The Way Home: Episode 80 featuring BJ Thompson 0:34:47 07/28/2016
The Way Home: Episode 79 featuring Jen Wilkin 0:20:24 07/21/2016