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The Joy Given by the Holy Spirit
Throw Off All That Hinders
The Fruit of the Spirit
Christ is Born!
Abiding In Christ
Living in the New Year
Live Different
Igniting a Lonely Heart
Living Hope: Prepare
Living Hope: Chosen
Living Hope:Harmony II
Living Hope: Accountable
Living Hope: Love
Living Hope :Suffer
Living Hope: Humility
Living Hope: Strive
Living Hope: True
Courageous Christianity
The Logic of Faith
Keeping Your Faith Strong
A Savior for All Seasons
How to Have Your Best Christmas Ever
The Fullness of Grace
Little Big Town
The First Christmas Tree
The Wonder of Christmas
The Waiting , Wondering , Worship of Christmas
How to Make the Christian Life Work for You
New Year, Same Issues, Eternal Hope
Take a Stand for Marriage
21 Days of Prayer for Life
Too Much Christmas, too Little Advent?
Serving Others Gets Noticed
Merry Christmas Building and Loan!
Yes to Freedom, No to SOGI Laws
Evangelicals and Assisted Suicide
Britten's Ceremony of Carols
Faith at the Olympics
The Election Is Coming
Defend Life
Election Day 2016
The Day After Election Day
The Election, the Culture, and the Church
No, We Can't 'Agree to Disagree' on Marriage
Talking Turkey at Thanksgiving -Tips for Good WorldView Conversations
Thanksgiving 2016
Advent, Sacred Time, and Worldview
Freedom of Conscience on Hacksaw Ridge
Full of Grace and Truth
Grace, Wondrous Grace
Sin is No Longer Your Master
Faith Revealed
Self-controlled, Upright and Godly Lives
Interview with Larry Alex Taunton - The Trend of "Nones"
Called to Live in the Grace of Christ
(1 Peter - Part 11): Wherefore, Gird Up Your Minds and be Sober by A.W. Tozer
(1 Peter - Part 12): As Obedient Children by A.W. Tozer
Forgive as the Lord Forgave You
On The Right Side
Paul Tripp on How Our Sense of "Awe" Changes Everything
Carey Nieuwhof on Why Most Churches Don't Break The 200 Attendance Mark
Chip Ingram on What You Can Expect the Moment After You Die
Life Fully Lived by Grace
BreakPoint This Week: How Are Evangelicals Voting?
BreakPoint This Week: Are Evangelicals Caving on Sexuality?
BreakPoint This Week: Advent and Those Who Have Gone Before Us
BreakPoint This Week: Gender Identity vs. Christian Identity
BreakPoint This Week: Christmas Favorites
Are You a Dangerous Christian?
King's Dream
Consider This a Sign
Epiphany and the Light
"Your Word is Truth"
Happy Labor Day!
...and When You Pray
Confidence to Approach God
A Heart of Thankfulness
Prayer: A Powerful Weapon
Faithful in Prayer
The Hour Has Come...
The Righteous Shall Live by Faith
By Grace Through Faith in Jesus
Confidence of What We Hope For
The Gift of Grace
Faith: Our New Way of Life
Faith Expressing Itself Through Love
We Are Called to Love
By Flesh or By Faith
Your Story of Faith
First Faith Then Freedom
Redeemed From the Curse
Be Set Free
The Only Hope For Change
Free in Christ
Free to Live by the Spirit
We Belong to Another
When Did You Know?
God is Love
Love is Patient
Love is Kind
Great Expectations - Lesson 13
Justified By Faith
The Righteous Will Live by Faith
A Saint Forgiven Forever
Justification and Life
Made Righteous in God's Sight
How Are We Justified?
The Surpassing Worth of Christ
An Instrument of Righteousness
Slaves to Righteousness
Self Controlled, Upright, and Godly
Once Sinners, Now Saints
Washed - Sanctified - Justified
Pray for Opportunity to Be a Voice
Set Free by Truth
Live Out the Truth in Love
Christ is Our Everything
Sanctified Living
Holiness in Action
Sanctified by God's Truth
How Can We Be Sanctified?
Jesus Christ is Alive!
Saved Through His Life
Be Reconciled to God
A Restored Relationship
Love: The Heart of Reconciliation
One in the Body of Christ
The Christ Event
Neither Slave nor Free
Mercy: The Application of Grace
"Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us"
God Made Us Alive in Christ
Be Merciful to Those Who Doubt
God's Special Possession
Made One in Christ
I Was Shown Mercy
Hope: An Anchor for Our Souls
The Hope Set Before Us
The Gospel That Has Come to You
A Sure and Steadfast Hope
The Power of the Holy Spirit
New Birth Into a Living Hope
Jesus: Our Hope of Glory
Boldness in Your Christian Life
Prepared to Give an Answer
Hope Poured Out in the Gospel
Faith in the People
The Web and Our Humanity
Americans Fail Theology 101
Locker Room Talk' is No Excuse
A Call to Church Discipline
Alive With Christ
You Must Be Born Again
Rest in Christ
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Weekend Edition 61
Weekend Edition 63
Weekend Edition 64
Weekend Edition 67
Weekend Edition 68
Weekend Edition 69
Weekend Edition 71
Weekend Edition 76
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
Bill Purvis: Moving Beyond Your Past and Into Your Purpose
James K.A. Smith: How Our Worship Practices Transform Our Deepest Loves
Ken Costa: Helping People Discover God's Purpose For Their Life
Steven Furtick on How to Handle Both Growth and Critcism
Christine Caine: Jesus Came to Shame Our Shame
Matt Brown: Are We on the Brink of Revival?
David Kinnaman: Reversing the Church's Irrelevance Problem
Jeff Vanderstelt: Leading People to Submit All of Life to the Lordship of Christ
The Reason We March for Life
Invest Your Talents
A Bride Adorned for the Bridegroom by Art Katz
What is the Lord's Will?
Happy Anniversary, BreakPoint!
In Celebration of Labor
The Lost Purpose for Learning
The Measure of a Man
Americans Doing Good
Who Will You Worship?
Forgiveness, Love, Freedom
Worship: A Matter of the Heart
Confidence to Enter the Most Holy Place - Part 2
The New Covenant - Part 1
The New Covenant - Part 2
Your True and Proper Worship
You’re Better Than That
Why Love Your Enemies?
Agape Love
Ministry of Death
The Law's Purpose
Crowned with Glory
Weekend Edition 81
Sports, the Image of God, and Education
Killer Ego: Episode 471
Spouse Selection: Episode 470
Here Comes the Bride
Marks of a Mature Christian
Best of 2016
Making Christmas Meaningful
Courage in Relationships
The Alias
Access to the Father
Parting the Red Ink
An Audience with Royalty
Are you a living epistle? by Hans R. Waldvogel
Become an inward Christian by Hans R. Waldvogel
Victorious Living
They Will Recognize Jesus
The Sacrifice of Praise
Shut Up and Act
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Tower of Babel
Jacob and Rachel
Joseph Goes to Egypt
The Badge of the Believer
What's in a Name?
Blessed Are the Neighborly
Follow Him - The Good Shepherd
The Way Maker
The Reassurance of a Heavenly Perspective, Part 2
Have You Missed Jesus?
From Heaven to Earth, Part 1
The Key to Spiritual Maturity
A Defense for the Cross
From Heaven to Earth, Part 2
Dead or Alive? - Part 2
We Preach Christ Crucified
Declared Righteous
Giving Your Best
The Heavenly Broadcast Network
Are You Ready to Rest?
Do You Seek the Approval of Man?
Pursuing Your Heavenly Citizenship, Part 2
Who is This Man?
Living the Good Life, Part 1
Living the Good Life, Part 2
Because He Was Raised
Discerning Your Culture
How do I receive God's healing? - Everyday Answers
Truth Made Known Through Jesus Christ
Knowing Your Way
Simple, Pure, and Powerful
Reversing Demonic Curses
Building Your Life to Last
Hand Me Another Basket, Part 2
Walk in New Life
The Truth Will Set You Free
Dynamite Christianity
The Authority of Christ Over Nature
New Covenant
New Law
Walk Through the Storm
(1 Peter - Part 1): Introduction to 1st Peter by A.W. Tozer
New Identity
Another Gospel by David Wilkerson
The Will of God: Four Promises
A Broken Down City Without Walls by David Wilkerson
The Authority of Christ Over Demons
Bedside Baptist: Episode 479
The Will of God: A Better Covenant
The Authority of Christ Over Sin
Fortify Your Faith
The Case for Christ
The Lead Story
Faith and Freedom
Death, Burial, and Resurrection
Easter Every Day: Episode 480
A Living Hope
It Is Finished!
RISEN!: O Death Where is Your Victory?
Be a Man (At Home and At Church) by Paul Washer
(The Glory of God) in Motivation by Paul Washer
(True Disciple Conference) The Greatness of the Gospel by Paul Washer
Being What You Are - Romans 6 and Regeneration by Paul Washer
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 by Paul Washer
Life in the Resurrection
“I Thirst”
The Uniqueness of Christ and Prophecy
How to Live Like a King
Understanding My Influence
Accepting My Influence
Demonstrating My Influence
Impressing My Influence
Controlling My Influence
Living My Influence
Sharing My Influence
Imparting My influence
Molding My Influence
Multiplying My Influence
Owning My Influence
King David
King Asa
King Jehoshaphat
King Joash
King Uzziah
King Hezekiah
Demystifying Prayer
Living in Awe of God
Submitting to God's Sovereign Will
Living in Daily Dependence
Seeking Spiritual Protection
No Longer Enslaved to Sin
How to Get on Fire for God by Ray Comfort
Put on the New
1 Kings 16-18 - Part 1 by Leonard Ravenhill
1 Kings 16-18 - Part 2 by Leonard Ravenhill
1 Samuel 15 vs. 10 by Leonard Ravenhill
Abiding In Christ by Leonard Ravenhill
Abraham and Lot by Leonard Ravenhill
The Gospel, Possessions And Prosperity - Session 1 by David Platt
Radical Risk, Radical Reward by David Platt
A Mission Only the Church Can Stop by David Platt
This Is Your Time: Episode 481
A Mighty Minority by K.P. Yohannan
A Passion to Know Him, Part 1 by K.P. Yohannan
A Passion to Know Him, Part 2 by K.P. Yohannan
Enjoying Your Life
Raised With Christ
The Uniqueness of Christ in His Present Ministry
Receiving from God - Part 2
The Promise of Guidance
Much Much More
The Uniqueness of Christ in His Return
Simple, Practical Changes with Real Results - Part 5
God's Will - Your Sanctification
Living With Authenticity
Joy on the Job: Episode 482
Simple, Practical Changes with Real Results - Part 6
The Lord's Army - Part 1
Created to Rule with a Purpose, Part 1
The Lord's Army - Part 2
Created to Rule with a Purpose, Part 2
Are You Dressed for Success? - Part 2
Being a Champion to Your Grandkids + Living With Authenticity
What is the Gospel?